Drop-Deck Ramp Options

Popular Felling Ramp Options 

The type of equipment that you are hauling will help determine the type of ramp(s) that will be the best fit for your Felling Trailer. For example, if you are hauling a lawn mower, a Full Width or Split Full-Width ramp would be ideal for you. Whereas if you are hauling a boring machine, then the option of Dual Ramps Mounted Off to One Side would work best.

Here are a few of the popular ramp options that are available for your selection on the Felling Drop-Deck model lines (not all configurations are shown.)


Split Full Width Ramp


6′ x 22″ Punch Plate Spring Assist Ramps


Ramps as Wide as Ramp Shafts


Slide-Out Ramps with Storage Under Deck


Drill / Boring Machine Double Ramps, Mounted Off to One Side
















6′ x 14.5″ Spring Assist Angle Iron Ramps


6' x 22" Wood Inlaid Spring Assist Ramps

6′ x 22″ Wood Inlaid Spring Assist Ramps

Full Width Spring-Assist Mesh Ramp

Full Width Spring Assist Mesh Ramp

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