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Grow with Us: The People of Felling - Brian Lawver

Now in our 45th year of manufacturing trailers, we continue to look back and see how much our company, along with our employees have grown. Many of you may already know the story of how Felling Trailers started as a small fabrication shop in downtown Sauk Centre in 1974. We also featured a story on Greg Waletzko, the Quality Assurance Manager at Felling Trailers. But, to add to those stories, we would like to invite you to read the next story in our “Grow with Us Series”. Here you will meet the people of Felling; we will share a bit about the people that have played a part in what our company is today and where we will be tomorrow. Some of the people you will meet have been with us for many years, some decades, and then others are just starting their careers with us. To continue our series, we would like you to meet Brian Lawver, the Weld Supervisor for Felling’s Litchfield manufacturing plant.

Brian Lawver
Weld Supervisor at Felling Trailers

Name: Brian LawverBrian.Lawver Felling Trailer Careers
Status: 6 years
Title: Weld Supervisor

From Lead Welder to Weld Superviser

Brian joined the Felling Trailers’ Litchfield Team in the fall of 2012 as a Lead Welder where he oversaw one of the weld production teams. In this position he managed his team and coordinated the welding of parts and components for their department, ensuring that the product produced meet Felling Trailers’ quality standards and work was completed to the production schedule. In the fall of 2013 Brian had the opportunity to take on the position of Weld Supervisor, a position that he holds yet today.

Growing Along with Felling Trailers

As Weld Supervisor Brian now oversees the weld production team for Felling’s Litchfield location. “I think the biggest motivator for change in position was because of our growth in Litchfield,” said Brian. Since joining the company the number of staff members has significantly increased from approximately 8-10 employees in 2012 to now 50 plus and continuing to grow. “There has been a huge amount of growth since I started in 2012. I think the transition from first generation ownership to the second has gone really well! I feel this company is going in the right direction and has a very bright future,” said Brian.
The first year that Brian was with the company the Litchfield plant produced around 137 trailers. Each year the number of completed units has continued to grow, in 2018 2,618 trailers were produced.
With 20 years of experience in the manufacturing field, Brian has spent 18 of those in lead weld positions with Felling and other area trailer/equipment manufacturers. His welding experience ranges from submerged arc welding of beams to drop-deck, deck-over, and detach trailers to high line power poles.

“They make you feel like you’re a valuable part of the team, the training they put into you to be more successful in your position, here you’re more than just a number on the employee roster.”

– Brian Lawver, when asked what he likes about Felling Trailers 

Supporting Staff’s Desire to Volunteer 

Along with being a Felling employee, Brian also serves on the Litchfield Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter. “Giving of one’s time and talent to benefit its local communities is important to Felling Trailers. Supporting our team members’ desires to serve on their fire departments may disrupt business operations, but the cause is much bigger and more important. Those team members are aiding people in need of help; often in dangerous or heartbreaking circumstances,” said Brenda Jennissen, CEO of Felling Trailers. Thank you, Brian.

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