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Expansion Plans at Felling Trailers

Felling Trailers Expansion - Building 51 MoveThe wheels of progress have literally started rolling for an upcoming expansion to Felling Trailers’ Sauk Centre, Minnesota Manufacturing facility.

Expansion plans are in place to add on to the main warehouse with an estimated start date in January, 2017. To accommodate, Building 51 needed to be moved from the main facility to allow for production flow.

On Monday, October 24, 2016, Building 51 was detached from the main facility with the assistance of Felling Trailers Shop employees and the Thein Moving Co. Structural Movers out of Clara City, MN. After a lot of preparation, the actual moving process took approximately 1.5 hours.  Take a look at the building being moved in the video below.

Plans Moving Forward

Now with Building 51 moved, it opens the door for upcoming expansion. The main warehouse building will be doubled in size. We will be adding a fabrication facility, which will house the laser table, press brakes, production saw, and other fabrication equipment. Paul Radjenovich, VP of Operations explains, “The additional building and new machine layout will create a more efficient workflow by sequentially producing parts that get fed into weldments and then into trailer production.”

We look forward to the expansion at Felling Trailers in January 2017. Ultimately, with more warehouse space and a new fabrication facility, we will gain more capabilities and overall a better end result for our customers!  Stay tuned for more about the Felling Trailers expansion…

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