MX Series - Semi Trailer

The MX Series –

Semi Trailer series delivers brute strength and a robust design to haul the heavy loads day after day.


MX Series – Semi Trailer Model Specifications

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Some models may be shown with optional features.  

FT-50-2 MX Opt. air-ramp



Optional air ramps & winch shown

FT-50-2 MX-L

FT-70-2 MX



Air Ramps Option

Optional 45º degree neck shown

FT-70-2 MX-L FT-70-2 MX-H






FT-80-2 MX-L     FT-80-2 MX-H



FT-80-3 MX-L FT-80-3 MX-H NJPA 031711-FTS





Optional upright ramps shown

FT-100-3 MX-L FT-100-3 MX-H






Optional hydraulic bi-fold ramps with inlaid rumber shown

FT-100-4 MX-L    FT-100-4 MX-H  

Paint Selection Chart Galvanizing Hot Dip

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