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Hydraulic Dump Trailers

Felling Trailers Hydraulic Dump Trailers models, displayed is the smallest hydraulic utility dump trailer FT-6 DT to the HD series that offers slide out ramps for the ability to load & transport equipment to the deckover the wheel hyrdaulic construction grade dump trailerFelling offers an expansive model line of hydraulic dump trailers.

No matter the application we have the right dump trailer to get the work done. Felling Dump trailers are utilized in a variety of industries from landscaping, rental yards, commerical hardscaping, constructions sites big and small. Talk to your Felling Salesperson today to get a Felling Dump trailer fitted to your needs.

Hydraulic Dump Trailers FT-12-DT-HD heavy duty dump with slide out ramps for loading equipment that store under the dump boxDrop Deck “DT & DT HD” (Heavy Duty) Hydraulic Dump Series

From small to big jobs, Felling’s DT & DT HD “heavy duty” hydraulic dump trailers are built rugged to handle everything you can dish out and be ready for more.

• Capacities range from 4,500 to 16,000 lbs.

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Hydraulic Dump Trailers FT-16-2-DT deck over dump, dump box sits above wheel providing for a wider dump box Deck-Over “DT” Hydraulic Dump Series

Our Deck-Over (dump box sits above wheels) Dump line is available with three variations of dump bodies – pick the one that best meets your needs.

• Standard Dump Body (20″ high 12 GA. sides w/stake pockets)

• Contractor Body (14″ hinged sides that fold down)

• Construction (Utility/Grain) Body (48″ high 12 GA. fixed sides)

• Capacities range from 14,000 to 26,000 lbs.

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Hydraulic Dump Trailers FT-12-ESD side dump trailer with front dump box and open deck for loading equipment on rear 3/4 of trailer Landscape Side Dump Series, “E SD”

Side Dump Trailer is the “Landscaper’s Delight”, the perfect addition to any landscaping fleet. This versatile trailer is perfect for hauling grass clippings, mulch, rocks, pallets, etc. Simply load your commerical mower on the rear portion of the trailer bed, dump your grass clippings and branches in the dump box. Then dump/offload at the compost site at the end of the day and start fresh tomorrow.

• Capacities ranging from 10,300 to 14,400 lbs.

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Hydraulic Dump Trailers FT-12-DT-SP dump trailer with front stationary platform for loading euqipment, shown with optional tarp kit for covering dump bed contents

Stationary Platform Dump Trailer, “DT SP”

The Stationary Platform Dump trailer is just another way that, Felling BUILDS IT YOUR WAY.
This option can be selected on any of our hydraulic dump trailers, it allows you to transport small equipment, such as a walk behind mini track loader, or concrete work equipment and still have the functionality to use the dump box to transport your materials. Many people that work in the Landscape & Hardscape (curb and gutter cement work) industires find this build to be the right fit for the equipemnt they need to haul and the work they need to complete.

Stationary Platform Dump Trailer


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