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Utility Cable Reel Trailers Model Specifications

Felling Trailers, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

Felling’s Utility Cable Reel trailers are built to your specification with safety minded features.

Some models may be shown with optional features.

 Utility Cable Reel Trailers FT-3-R





FT-3 R      FT-6 R


Utility Cable Reel Trailers FT-8-R



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Optional paint shown

FT-8 R     FT-10 R

Utility Cable Reel Trailers FT-14-2-R






Optional power rewind rubber tire system (self-contained gas engine) and paint

FT-14-2 R

Utility Cable Reel Trailers FT-14-2-R-DblReel






FT-14-2 R Double Reel

Rim Drive vs. Chain Drive

Paint Selection Chart Hot Dip Galvanizing

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Hydraulic Reel Operation

FT-8 R Cable Reel Trailer, this unit is equipped with optional High Torque Power Take-up Retriever System – Electric/Hydraulic Reel lift and Hydraulic Power Rewind.

FT-14R Tandem Axle Reel Trailer – Operation

FT-14-2 R with Power Rewind Rubber Tire System

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