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See how Felling Trailers, Inc. can take you from a concept to production floor to the completed trailer ready to ship. Join us as we take you through our processes see what happens after you place your trailer order.

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Engineering Team

Starting in our Engineering Department, the orders are reviewed, any features and options are factored into the design of the trailer and how it must be built. Engineered drawing are approved and then the trailer moves to the production floor. We have several production teams through out our manufacturing facilities, each specialize in a variety of job sets and trailer models.

Machining Team

See how Felling Trailers can take you from a concept to production floor to the completed trailer ready to ship. Felling’s Machining Team, are a highly skilled set of machinist and operate equipment such as:

  • Han Kwang FS-4020 4000 Watt Laser with a 6’ x 12’ cutting area capable of cutting up to 1” mild steel, 3/8” aluminum and 1/2 “ stainless steel
  • Cincinnati CB-II 350 ton Press Brake with 14’ 2″ bed
  • Accupress Edge 250 ton Press Brake with 10′ wide bed
  • 55′ Beam Welder with dual Lincoln 500 amp welders and automatic seam tracking
  • Marvel 2150 Vertical Band Saw with 20″ x 25″ rectangular capacity and feed automation

Trailer Production Teams

With over 220 models in our product offering we have our production teams separated in to build departments. This is where our skilled welding teams transform raw metal into Felling’s individual trailer models.

  • Drop-Deck & Hydraulic Dump Trailers
  • Deck-Over Tags
  • Commercial & Construction Semi Trailers
  • X-FORCE Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailers

Blast & Paint Teams

Certainly one of the most important qualities of a steel trailer is the preparation it receives before painting and the quality of primer and paint. Our Blast and Paint Teams take great pride in producing one of the finest and longest lasting paint jobs in the industry.

  • Steel grit blast
  • 2 coats rust – preventative primer
  • 3 coats polyurethane paint electrostatically applies
  • V.O.C. Compliant, HAPs Free
  • Dried & Decaled in a dust free environment

Finishing Team

The Finishing Team ensures fit, form, and function of each trailer, installing the last key components of the trailers.

  • Decking
  • Lighting & Wiring
  • Plumb Hyd. System
  • Plumb Air System
  • Final Inspection

Logistics Team

Our Logistics Team puts the final piece of the puzzle together, orchestrating loads of trailers to ship accross the USA and Canada.


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