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I’m with Schoon Construction in Cherokee, Iowa. We use your trailer to haul a horizontal directional drill and my guys love that trailer! Thank you for making a quality product!
-Schoon Construction



“On a side note, I do have a Felling trailer for my bobcat and accessories…and it is the best trailer I have owned. Very well thought out and very well made. The little things like placement of the step to get up on the deck and hold downs are obviously well thought out! To me, that means you have a very good team of people there!”
Customer Feedback


“This trailer has turned heads and amazed everyone that has been up close and really took a look at it. Very impressed with the build quality. Thanks!”
Ryan Berens, American Stump Grinding of Charleston, SC





“The FT-50-2 MX-L semi trailer was purchased to carry our Fire dozer. Just wanted to share some photos of the trailer all kitted out. The users love the new trailer, so wanted to say thanks.”
– Huron-Manistee National Forests



“Our fleet consists of 35 trailers, 20 of these are Felling trailers…These trailers help the work run smoothly. They are good, well-built trailers, they work great for us.”
Operations Manager, Electric Cooperative company


“Everyone I have ever dealt with at Felling Trailers has been so helpful”

“Your parts and service dept saved us a ton of time and were extremely patient with us”

“ We have one Felling Trailer and a few of your competitors… but I can guarantee you when it comes time to replace those they will be with Felling”

“Mike (Wolff), was so pleasant to work with and extremely helpful!”

Bob Ryan, 1.9.2019

Valley View Builders



Felling Air Tilt with Air Ramp Optionload clearance on a Felling FT-40-2 TA with Air Ramps






3 Rivers Telephone entered into the horizontal drilling scene approximately 6 years ago. Like any other venture, equipment acquisition leads to exploring what is out there. Fortunately one of our equipment salespersons had the answer.

Our first setup lead to a need for a little more machine and one thing leads to another. Needing a little gentler load approach (among other features to mention later), the name FELLING came to the table.

As demonstrated by the above pictures, we have plenty of clearance now with our FT-40 Air Tilt. No more packing an extra block or two, searching for the “perfect” off load spot.

No more “gorilla dancing”, weight addition balancing, or winching down the deck while empty to go after another piece of equipment or just to move it to another location for the day’s operation.  All of the above we experienced with our previous tilt bed about 2 years after having it in service.

Our operators do not have enough “good” to say about the ease of operation and convenience of this trailer after having it in our fleet now for a year.

I have been in contact with the western states sales manager and the factory concerning a couple of items. They have been very professional in the service they provide “after a sale” which is something many companies preach about, but few deliver. I have even had the pleasure of touring their state of the art facility in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

Price you say?

We have found, as in most cases, you still get what you pay for and “Felling is worth the investment for us!”

Roger Schlosser

Construction Supervisor

3 Rivers Communications

Fairfield, Montana


Felling FT-40-2 LP (Low Pro) Tag trailer built to spec

I recently bought a 20 ton Felling trailer through Baschmann Services in Elma, NY. It was a special order as I wanted it to be exactly the way I wanted it. It isn’t often that when you special order something, everything comes through exactly as it is supposed to, however, this did. It works perfectly for me.

–Ron Gier, North Collins, NY 1/2018

Felling Open Top Utility Trailer

“I just wanted to Thank You all of you for your help with my trailer! I love it!!I just wanted to Thank You all of you for your help with my trailer! I love it!!”

–Curt Sloan, Manager of Parks, Trails and Building Grounds, Littleton, CO 7/2017

Felling Hydraulic Tail - Perimeter Frame Trailer“We started using it as soon as it got here. It works fantastic! We are very happy with it.”

–Justin, Neufeldt Industrial Services / Neufab Specialty Fabricators 4/2017

“We had several requests for trailers and decided to offer three Felling Trailers to our fleet. The trailers have been popular with both homeowners and landscapers. Many landscapers will rent the trailers again and again if their current equipment is being repaired or is not repairable.

One landscaper who has owned a lot of trailers in the past and rented the loaded trailer commented, “There is nothing you wouldn’t want on this trailer.”

Our customers often comment about ‘how well the trailers tow or hold a load’ which is always great to hear. The trailers are well-built which is why we have many of our customers coming back to rent the trailer again.

Felling Trailers are the trailer professionals. When it comes to trailers, you can’t reinvent the wheel, but you can make it easier, and that is what Felling Trailers has done. The return on investment on the trailers has been very good, despite the added insurance costs. The dependability and high quality of the trailers has made the investment of Felling Trailers a very wise choice for us.”

– Mark Monette, Director at Rental Village, Ontario, Canada 5/2017

“We purchased a few of your trailers a couple of years ago, and have had great reviews by most that have used them. The utility trailers go out almost everyday and are great for just about any small piece of equipment we have. The large hydraulic tilt bed auto hauler has become a classic at our store that everyone seems to want to use. All in all we are very pleased with the trailers we have received and tell everyone about your company.”

– Brandon Englehart, Kansas Rental Inc., Topeka, KS 2017

Air Tilt Trailer Owner – Jeff Boarman

“Most important to me is the safety of my employees.  This trailer equipped with the air ramps and tilt is effortless and eliminates risk of back injuries due to lifting heavy ramps and other gear to reduce the load angle necessary on most equipment trailers.”

– Jeff Boarman, Principal at Bortek Industries (Read More) 2017

Side Dump Trailer Owner – Jake Brelig

“With the old trailer, I had to lace the back of the trailer with a tarp and bungee cords every morning. Piling the grass on top of the tarp was the best way to get the grass out. With the time I save, not having to do all that and get all the equipment, it probably adds an additional three yards onto my day that I could service. In the long run, being able to do 3 more yards really adds up to a signifigant difference in money!”

– Jake Brelig, Owner of Poudre Valley Lawn Care in Fort Collins, Colorado (Read More) 2016

Side Dump Owner Brandan Ressler

FT-12 E SD Side Dump Trailer“I purchased the FT-12 E SD and I cannot be happier. The heavy duty dual gate is amazing. My mowers with other trailers always bottomed out but gone are the days of being hung up. Also the side dump feature will save me tons of time! Definitely worth the investment…Currently Happy Customer!!

– Brandan Ressler, of Ressler Lawn Care & Snow Removal of Mandan, North Dakota 2016


“We’ve completed mounting the components; it looks great!

Once the hydraulic hoses arrive it will be a Navy Diver air compressor/diesel generator/mini crane. Please feel free to post this picture on your Felling “Wall of Fame” if you have one.”


–V/R, Mr. G. Dunn, NSSF NLON R6 Asst. Division Officer, U.S. Navy 8/2016


“Very nice equipment & very nice company”

– Terrance Synder

“Good business and great place to work! I worked here for 15 years before I moved to Wyoming.”

– Greg B Reigel


“I’ve been a Felling Trailers customer for years. Great Product!!!!

– GOOD-N-TIGHT Company

“Awesome Lookin Trailers”

– Paul Christiansen, Swift Current, SK, Canada


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