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Construction Trailers

                                                                                                         Construction Trailers-Felling

Felling Construction Trailers

More Models for More Markets Than Any Other Manufacturer.

Felling’s diverse Construction Trailers product line is the answer for many company’s and contractor’s needs. With trailers ranging from the smaller side such as our 3,000 lb. Light Utility Trailers to the larger side such as our 120,000 lb. Heavy Haul Application Trailers, Felling is the key solution for your hauling needs.

No matter what you are hauling, we have the trailer to meet your needs. From lawn mowers to skid steers, to backhoes, to pavers, Felling has the trailer and the features to make your journey from the worksite to the highway a smooth one.

       Light Utility            Heavy HaulLow Pro Limited - Felling Trailers

Detailed Construction Trailer Specs Listed Below for Each Model Line.

Felling Trailers - Deck Over Tag

Felling Trailers - Deck Over Air Tilt


TAG Trailer Lines

Felling’s Deck-Over TAGs offered in Low Profile and Stacked Frame designs & Tilt Models offered in Hydraulic “gravity” tilt and Air tilt designs.

             Tilt Models                                   Ramp Models

FT-45-2 & FT-50-3 LP Limited - Felling Trailers

Low Pro Limited

Fellings’ engineers improved on our already award-winning Low Pro design which resulted in a heavy-duty, extremely user-focused equipment hauling solution.

Low Pro Limited Series


Semi Trailer Lines

Felling’s Construction Series Semi Models

• MX Series                      • NN (Narrow Neck) Series

• RGT Semi Tilt Series     • Perimeter Frame Hyd. Tail Series

• TSA Series                     • X-FORCE HDG Series

FT-12-I - Felling Trailers


FT-6 T - Felling Trailers Inc.




The Right Trailer To Get The Job Done

Felling’s Drop-Deck trailer product class offers a diverse selection of trailers. We have divided these into two sections to simplify your search:

Ramp Models      Tilt Models

FT-12-DT-HD - Felling Trailers Inc.

Hydraulic Dump Trailer Lines

Felling offers Hydraulic Dump  models for every kind of job. From hauling dirt for your backyard to clearing debris on a construction site, we have the dump trailer that’s right for you and the job you need to get done.

• DT Series                       • DT HD (Heavy Duty) Series

• DT Deck-Over Series     • DE SD (Side Dump) Series


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What Kind of Trailer is Right For You?
  • Drop Deck Trailers – Also known as a “Deck Between the Wheels” or a “Skid Loader Trailer” is a smaller capacity trailer designed to carry smaller compact equipment like a scissor lift or skid loader. Drop Deck Trailers can be equipped with various ramp options or with a deck tilt feature.
drop deck ramp trailers drop deck tilt trailers
  • Hydraulic Dumps – Also called a “Dump Box Trailer” come in various sizes. They can be designed to haul a small load of dirt or hauling your equipment to and from the job site.
hydraulic dump trailers
  • Low Pro Limited – Our New Low Pro Limited trailers are heavy-duty, extremely user-focused equipment hauling solution. 
Low Pro Limited Trailers
  • Deck-Over Tilts – A trailer that allows you to easily load equipment without using ramps. This not only makes loading and unloading equipment easier but also reduces the risk of on the job injuries.
deck over tilt trailers
  • Semi Trailer Lines – Trailers designed to haul the heavier loads. Built for the farm or the job site. Semi Trailers come equipped with ramps or hydraulic lift options.
semi trailer lines
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