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Tilt Deck Trailer Lines - Drop-Deck

3 Styles of Drop-Deck Tilt Trailers

Felling’s Drop-Deck Tilt trailer’s tilt beds tilt to the ground for loading or unload of equipment. Each style tilt operates in a different way.

• Pan Tilt is a gravity tilt, it uses gravity and a center pivot point for the tilt bed to tilt.

• IT-I (Industrial Drop Deck Tilt) tilts with the use of a cushion cylinder, gently lowers the tilt bed to the ground for loading.

• EZ-Tilt tilts/lowers the tilt bed to the ground via its rotating torsion axles, as axles rotate the tilt bed lowers to the ground.

Pan Tilt Deck Trailer FT-14 TPan Tilt 
The Pan Tilt Deck trailers are perfect for any low clearance machine, this dynamic design works great from the warehouse to the worksite to the home site. A few common applications include mowers, rollers, forklifts, cars, and more. There are several Tilt Bed Trailers on the market today but none compare to the Felling Pan Utility Tilt Bed Trailer. The pan sides on this tilt deck trailer offer the ability to transport loads of material too such as sand, landscape rock, and more.

• Capacities ranging from 1,800 to 14,800 lbs.

• Single and tandem axle configurations available

(FT-14 T utility pan-tilt deck trailer shown above with optional Mack Red paint.)

FT-16 IT-I 2020 model year tilt deck trailer

View IT-I Series

Offering a unique construction, the IT-I Series tilt deck trailer is constructed of a single cold-formed I-Beam to make the outer trailer frame from tongue to tail, giving it a very solid structure. It is built with a frame within a frame which gives the ability to load medium duty equipment without stressing other components on the trailer, such as the axles, when loading. With the IT-I’s tilt-bed located between the wheels, the operator can load low profile equipment with ease.

• Standard with Stationary Platform (full tilt bed optional)

• Capacities ranging from 6,780 to 17,720 lbs.

• Cushion Cylinder tilt system
(FT-16 IT-I trailer shown above with optional 45th Anniversary Ruby Red Metallic Paint, Aluminum Wheels and Apitong decking.)

Tilt Deck Trailer 94830RTKView EZ-Tilt

EZ-Tilt TechnologyThe EZ-Tilt trailer is a ground-level loading unit that makes the job of loading low clearance; cumbersome equipment like floor sweepers/scrubbers and scissor lifts a simplified & safe task for the operator. Unique to Felling’s tilt deck trailer model offering with its EZ-Tilt Technology with rotating torsion axles.
(FT-12 EZ-T shown above in 18.5′ deck length.)

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