Deck-Over Tag Trailers

When details matter, there’s only One choice in Deck-Over Tag Trailers…Felling

We know that you work hard and expect your equipment to do the same and then some. That’s why we have designed and engineered our deck-over tag models with the strength and durability to get the job done day after day.

Felling Trailers, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and is WBENC-Certified WBE.

Deck-Over Tag Trailer Model Specifications

Medium Deck-Over Tags

Medium Deck-Over Tag trailers offer load capacities ranging from 6,100 lbs to 18,000 lbs.  (Click Below to view model specifications)
Some models may be shown with optional features.                              

deck-over tag FT-14-2


FT-10-2  FT-12-2    FT-14-2 FT-16-2 FT-18-2

*Available with Gooseneck Coupler Hitch – more info

Low Profile Heavy Deck-Over Tags

deck-over tag FT-30-2 LPBeavertail/Ramp Comparison 

Air Ramps

Tandem Axle

FT-20-2 LP   FT-24-2 LP   FT-30-2 LP    

FT-40-2 LP    FT-45-2 LP 

  Directional Drill Models



deck-over tag FT-50-3 LP Opt. air ramps




Triple Axle 

FT-50-3 LP  FT-60-3 LP

(trailer shown with optional air ramps – see video below) *Models also available in Stacked Frame Design


deck-over tag FT-60-4 LP opt Bi-fold ramps




Quad Axle

FT-60-4 LP

(trailer shown with optional hydraulic bi-fold ramps – see video below)

The Low Profile design delivers a 33″ loaded deck height, providing operators with load versatility and ease of use with loading low clearance equipment. Constructed with a fabricated/ engineered main frame beams which are pierced for the cross members to be inserted through, producing the lower deck height.

Sourcewell Contract Holder (formerly NJPA)


Hot Dip Galvanizing Paint Selection Chart

Popular Ramp Options – Air Ramps and Hydraulic Powered Ramps, see how they work in the videos below.

Air Ramp Option

Air Ramp option can be equipped on Felling’s 20,000 lb Deck-Over tag trailers all the way up to our Semi Trailer models.

Hydraulic Bi-Fold Ramp Option

Hydraulic Powered Ramps option can be equipped on Felling’s 20,000 lb Deck-Over tag trailers all the way up to our Semi Trailer models.

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