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Felling Has Been Serving the Utility/Telecom Industry for Over 40 Years.

Some jobs call for standard Felling Utility Pole Trailers and then there are those that call for one to be built to your customized spec with safety minded features. Take confidence in knowing we have been supplying both our standard and highly customized Utility Pole and Utility Pole / Cargo Trailers for over 4 decades to the Utility/Telecom Industry.

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Utility Pole Trailer Model Specifications

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Some models may be shown with optional features.

FT-12-1 PT Utility Pole Trailer



FT-7-1 PT  FT-10-1 PT FT-12-1 PT     FT-15-1 PT  FT-20-1 PT   FT-20-2 PT      FT-24-2 PT  

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Utility Pole/Cargo Trailer Models


FT-14-2 PT-C

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FT-12-2 PT-C FT-14-2 PT-C

FT-16-2 PT-C 

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