Felling’s Re-Engineered Utility Pole Trailer Focuses on Operator Safety & Ease of Maintenance

No matter the industry, operator safety and ease of use and maintenance, are key elements that are taken into account when a company is looking into equipment acquisition. All of these elements were paramount in Felling’s re-engineering process of … [Read more...]

Construction and Utility Trailers Showcased at ICUEE

Earlier this month, Felling Trailers exhibited at ICUEE - International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition.  Here is an inside look at the Construction and Utility Trailers that we brought with us to the show. Utility & … [Read more...]

Middendorf is Winner of the 5th Annual Trailer for a Cause Auction to Benefit Special Olympics MN

Felling Trailers, Inc. conducted its fifth annual online auction of an FT-3 drop deck utility trailer to benefit a non-profit organization, Special Olympics Minnesota. The winning bid of $2,900 was placed just minutes before the auction closed on … [Read more...]

Felling’s Trailer for Cause to Benefit Special Olympics Minnesota

Felling Trailers, Inc. is conducting its fifth annual online auction of an FT-3 drop deck utility trailer to benefit a non-profit organization, this time around Special Olympics Minnesota. Felling Trailers wants to bring awareness of Special Olympics … [Read more...]

Careers at Felling Trailers in Litchfield & Sauk Centre

Felling Trailers is currently hiring for a variety of positions for all three shifts and both Felling locations in Sauk Centre, Minnesota and Litchfield, Minnesota. Initially, you may think the careers at Felling Trailers are all to do with welding. … [Read more...]

Felling Trailers Adds New Fabrication Center

In the time frame just a bit short of a year, Felling Trailers, Inc. has moved buildings, built buildings, acquired new technologies, and moved existing equipment to streamline the production process and increase manufacturing efficiencies. All of … [Read more...]

Felling Trailers at Procurement, Public Works, & Construction Shows

Felling Trailers is attending Procurement, Public Works, & Construction Shows during the coming months!  From government procurement and purchasing to public works and utility equipment, we have the trailers for your industry … [Read more...]

Turret Reel Trailer Custom-Made for Municipal Power Entity

Felling recently completed a custom Turret Reel trailer for a Municipal Power entity in Western California, an FT-10 R Turret Reel Trailer. The FT-10 R Turret Reel Trailer is a valuable tool for any fleet: Municipalities, Electric Utilities, … [Read more...]

Felling Trailers Partners with Local Schools to Spark Interest In Manufacturing

In 2011, when Ben Myhre was hired for a welding position at Felling Trailers, he never imagined 6-1/2 years later he would be teaching a weld training course to classrooms of fellow employees and high school students. In early 2016 Myhre was … [Read more...]

Felling Trailers Practices Workplace Safety

Felling Trailers, Inc. takes safety in the workplace seriously all year round with informational training and meetings for both Shop and Office personnel. Felling Trailers' employee trainings include topics such as: Use of PPE (Personal … [Read more...]