Step Deck Trailers - Over-the-Road

Felling’s Over-the-Road Series Step Deck Trailer are Ready for the Long Haul

Step Deck Trailers, Over-the-Road series model specifications

Transport your loads with confidence when you are pulling a Felling Step Deck Trailer. Felling’s OTR Over-the-Road Semi-trailers are constructed with engineered, cambered, fabricated main beams, 6″ structural channel side rails with tread plate covered wheels. 4″ Jr. I beam cross members, 12″ on center for robust strength. Plus these models are standard with rub rail & stake pockets with double pipe spools to make securing any load easier.

Felling Trailers, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System Company and is WBENC-Certified WBE.

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Some models may be shown with optional features.    

Felling Step Deck Trailers OTR semi FT-70-2 OTR




FT-70-2 OTR-L     FT-70-2 OTR-H     

Felling Step Deck Trailers OTR semi FT-80-2 OTR



FT-80-2 OTR-L FT-80-2 OTR-H                                                       

Felling Step Deck Trailers OTR semi FT-80-3 OTR-opt-Ramps

Felling Trailers OTR semi

FT-80-3 OTR-L  FT-80-3 OTR-H

Felling Step Deck Trailers OTR semi - FT-100-3-OTR-opt-AirRampsSourcewell - Contract#121918-FTS

FT-100-3 OTR-L   FT-100-3 OTR-H  FT-100-4 OTR-L 

(shown with optional air ramps)

Paint Selection Chart Hot Dip Galvanizing Air Ramps Option

See the Felling Step Deck Trailer OTR in action with the air ramps option in the video below

OTR Operational – Air Ramp Option
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