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Drop-Deck Trailers

Drop-Deck Trailer - 123370NTU

The Construction Drop-Deck Trailer Series
that Gets the Job Done

Felling Trailers offers 4 main model lines of drop-deck trailers (deck between the wheels, low deck, ramp trailer.) Which drop-deck trailer model line is right for your application will depend on the equipment you are transporting. Take a look at our I series, Pan series, Light Utility, and Compact Loader (CL) model lines here.

FT-14 I - 115329JWW
I Series Trailers
Drop-Deck Trailer - 121109LAE
Pan Series Trailers
FT-3 Light Utility Trailer - 92099PKJ
Light Utility Trailers
FT-12 CL - Compact Loader Trailer
Compact Loader Trailers

What Kind of Trailer is Right For You?

  • I Series – Our Engineering Team has worked diligently on the advanced design of the I Series model line equipment trailers. The leading-edge design incorporates additional standard features, structural strength, and ease of operator use.
View I Series
  • Pan Series – The Pan Series Skid Steer Trailer is constructed of a structural channel tongue, fabricated steel pan sides, and Jr. I-beam cross members. Pan Series Skid Steer Trailers offer one of the lowest load angles for a ramp trailer in the industry, making them an ideal fit for skid loaders!
View Pan Series
  • Light Utility – Light utility drop deck trailers are great multipurpose small utility trailers for your ATV, lawnmower, golf cart, or any other product. They’re the all-purpose unit, whether you are taking your four-wheeler up to the cabin or the lawnmower down the road to help the neighbor out, a drop-deck style Felling Small Utility Trailer fits the bill.
View Light Utility
  • Compact Loader Series – Felling Trailers designed and engineered the Compact Loader (CL) model line with your equipment in mind, making it the perfect Mini Skid Steer Trailer.
View Compact Loader
Sourcewell Contract - 092922-FTS

Available Ramp Options for Drop-Deck Trailers

Drop Deck Trailer ramp Split Full WidthSee some of the popular ramp options that are available to
you for your Felling Drop-Deck trailer.

Ramp Options
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