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Felling Trailers Invests in West Stearns CEO Program

As a family-run business located in Litchfield and Sauk Centre, Minnesota, we are invested in the growth of our local communities. Felling Trailers will be sharing a “Felling In the Community” story each quarter to highlight some of our favorite community projects. You can also read about some of Felling Trailers’ past and ongoing community involvement here.

Investing in the Local CEO Program & Our Community

West Stearns CEO Program - WSCEO at Felling Trailers, Sauk CentreFelling Trailers is proud to be one of 50-60 investors in the West Stearns CEO Program. Felling Trailers and each investing company gets to speak to the students, give them tours of our companies and serve as mentors as they start their businesses. The students also help promote each of our company’s involvement as an investor. Each investor contributes $1,000 to the program to be considered an investor. Others can also support the CEO program by giving lower dollar amounts. 

West Stearns Businesses become the Classrooms

Approximately 20 students from Albany, Melrose and Sauk Centre high schools are selected via a blind application process. The students learn about business from local business owners. ​Instead of students learning about entrepreneurship in a classroom setting, students will visit twenty to thirty local businesses throughout the year and have fifty to sixty guest speakers. There are no tests, homework, or assignments. Instead, students work on real work with realistic expectations. For the 2019-2020 school year, Felling Trailers in Sauk Centre was the home base for the WSCEO program.

West Stearns CEO Program - WSCEO at Felling Trailers, Sauk Centre

How the CEO Program Impacts our Communities

The West Stearns CEO Program introduces students to the businesses right here in our own backyards. Most of the students do not know many of these businesses exist until they are part of the CEO program. The students take a survey at the beginning of the year asking how many would consider moving back and/or living in Sauk Centre after high school or post-secondary plans and most have no intention of doing so. When they take the same survey at the end of the year, most of the students indicate they would consider staying in the area. This helps to show that this class is instrumental in conveying what it takes to make our communities and businesses tick, why these communities are great places to live, and how to have a business thrive here.

Learn more about West Stearns CEO

To learn more about West Stearns CEO, visit their website or Facebook page, or contact the WECEO Facilitator, James Schreiner at [email protected]. To learn more about Felling Trailers, contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-335-5464.

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