Rental Trailers a Wise Investment for Rental Village

Felling Trailers, Inc. is known for products that are durable and built to last, so it is no surprise that rental businesses such as Rental Village, choose trailers from Felling for their rental inventory. Adding rental trailers to their fleet has been a great investment despite challenges in Ontario with liability insurance.

Rental Village adds Trailers to Inventory

FT-6DTGalvanized Felling Trailer - Rental Trailers

FT-6 DT Single Axe Dump Trailer with the tarp kit and landscape gate like the Rental Village trailer (also optional galvanized finish).

Rental Village is based out of Ontario, Canada and rents everything from party furnishings to equipment. Mark Monette, Director at Rental Village, looked long and hard for the ideal trailers to add to their fleet and chose Felling Trailers back in 2014. Mark explained, “We had several requests for trailers and decided to offer three Felling Trailers to our fleet. The trailers have been popular with both homeowners and landscapers. Many landscapers will rent the trailers again and again if their current equipment is being repaired or is not repairable.”

Insurance & Liability Challenges in Canada

FT-10 DT Felling Trailer - Rental Trailers

FT-10 DT Tandem Axle Dump Trailer Trailer (Standard model)

In Canada, there are insurance challenges with renting trailers so Mark worked for three months to secure the proper liability insurance needed. In Canada, the trailers must also be certified annually by a governing body that licenses the trailers. The quality products offered by Felling Trailers ensures that the annual re-certification is not an issue. The inspectors can easily look at the trailer and see that it is a quality product on the road that tows well whether it is half-full or full.

Felling Trailers offered by Rental Village:

FT-12 T Trailer - Rental Trailers

FT-12 16′ Pan Tilt Utility Trailer (Standard Model) 

The trailers are accessorized with everything from wheel chocks to ramps. One landscaper who has owned a lot of trailers in the past and rented the loaded trailer commented, “There is nothing you wouldn’t want on this trailer.” One reason why Rental Village has the trailer accessorized is for the liability perspective. Due to Ontario’s stricter insurance and liability rules, it is vital to offer options that will help prevent any accidents.

Enduser Feedback from Rental Village Customers

The end-users of the trailers (customers at Rental Village) always have positive comments about the trailers. Mark pointed out, “Our customers often comment about ‘how well the trailers tow or hold a load’ which is always great to hear. The trailers are well-built which is why we have many of our customers coming back to rent the trailer again.”

“The trailers are well-built which is why we have many of our customers coming back to rent the trailer again.”

Felling Trailers Builds Long-Lasting Relationships, too

At Felling Trailers, we build more than long-lasting trailers, we also want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Mark has enjoyed the overall experience of working with Felling Trailers because he feels that the company wants to build a relationship with him for the long-run. Michael Flynn is the Northeastern Regional Sales Manager at Felling Trailers that Mark worked with. Mark noted, “Michael was very knowledgeable and confident about Felling’s product line-up. He worked to ensure that we ordered the ideal trailers for Rental Village’s customers that would also help us gain a very good ROI.”  

The Felling Trailer Difference

What makes Felling Trailers different from other Trailer manufacturers? Mark at Rental Village thinks it is 3 things: quality long-lasting product, simplicity, and a professional sales staff focused on building lasting relationships. Mark noted, “Felling Trailers are the trailer professionals. When it comes to trailers, you can’t reinvent the wheel, but you can make it easier, and that is what Felling Trailers has done.”

“When it comes to trailers, you can’t reinvent the wheel, but you can make it easier, and that is what Felling Trailers has done.”

Three Years Later…

Three years after adding the trailers to Rental Village’s fleet, there have been no failures due to manufacturing issues, even with the tough, ongoing use of the trailers by endusers. Best of all, Mark appreciates the revenue that the trailers have brought in from a rental perspective. Mark expressed, “The return on investment on the trailers has been very good, despite the added insurance costs. The dependability and high quality of the trailers has made the investment of Felling Trailers a very wise choice for us.”

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