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Find out how the Side Dump Landscape Trailer is Changing the Lawn Care Business

Jake Brelig is the owner of Poudre Valley Lawn Care in Fort Collins, Colorado. With just one employee and a long list of customers, Jake knew that he had to get the right equipment to do his job as efficiently as possible.  He knew that the process of hauling lawn clippings could be done easier and quicker, so Jake googled “side dump trailers” and found the Felling Trailer website.  After talking to the sales person at Felling Trailers, Jake knew what he wanted, but also wanted to see how it worked for other lawn care professionals. Through his Felling Trailers sales person, he was able to connect with another lawn care guy in Maine, who had the same challenges as he did but solved them with a Side Dump Felling Trailer. His Maine connection also gave him a few pointers on customizing the trailer to meet the unique needs of lawn care and landscaping.  The result – the Felling Side Dump landscape trailer (FT-12 E SD) with a few modifications.

Side Dump Trailer Ideal for Landscapers

Landscaping side dump trailerJake ordered a Side Dump landscape trailer through a local Felling Trailer dealer in Colorado. This trailer was built to his ideal specifications which included 48” sides on the driver’s side and front with 48” barn doors on the curbside for dumping contents.  An option that works great for Poudre Valley Lawn Care is the Barn Doors. Jake explained, “With the barn doors that open in the middle, I don’t have to worry about sticks, leaves, and debris getting stuck when I dump them out. There is a nice wide opening with doors that latch with a chain and carabiner so the doors stay open until you are done dumping out the clippings.” Felling does offer a spray-in liner as an option to help protect your trailer from wet grass clippings.

Trailer Named “Landscapers Delight” for Good Reason

When we asked Jake how his new landscaping trailer from Felling compared to the trailer he Landscaping side dump trailerhad previously, he could not stop raving about it. He admitted, “It’s amazing what this trailer does for my lawn care business! It’s a thing of a beauty, so smooth… such a solid trailer. When I first got it, I was getting questions all around town about it.” He was glad he got the trailer when he did, despite the cost. He explained,  “This last spring, we had so much rain and the grass was so long. With my old trailer, I would have had to dump three times in a day. Instead, I was able to dump it once of at the end of the day with the new trailer.” Besides hauling the lawn clippings, the side dump trailer also has plenty of room for lawn care equipment. Jake pointed out, “With this new side dump trailer, I can fit 2 Walker Mowers, an aerator, and a push mower in the length of the trailer.”

Side Dump Landscape Trailer Makes Time for More LawnsSide Dump Landscape trailer

Jake wants other lawn care professionals to know about the amount of time that his trailer has saved him since he purchased it. He remembers, “With the old trailer, I had to lace the back of the trailer with a tarp and bungee cords every morning. Piling the grass on top of the tarp was the best way to get the grass out. With the time I save, not having to do all that and get all the equipment, it probably adds additional three yards onto my day that I could service. In the long run, being able to do 3 more yards really adds up to a significant difference in money!”

Get Pricing on Your Own Side Dump

About the FT-12 E SD Trailer from Felling Trailers

Side Dump Landscape trailerThe FT-12 E SD Trailer from Felling Trailers has been called “the landscapers’ delight” by landscapers around the country. These trailers come standard with a 5’x8′ hydraulic dump box on the front of the trailer with regular usable deck space towards the rear of the trailer. This style of trailer is ideal for landscapers because they can load their equipment on the rear of the trailer and then use the front dump box to transport a variety of materials to or from a job site. For  Poudre Valley Lawn Care, Jake uses the dump box to transport grass clippings to the dump site, and haul needed equipment. When the front dump box is not needed, the operator can remove the rear side panel and store it on the front head board so that they can use the complete deck length of the trailer.


The Felling Side Dump landscape trailer is an asset to any landscaper’s fleet. It eliminates the need for multiple trailers because it meets your needs for both hauling and removal all in one. Standard with a split-full width spring assist ramp, this trailer is accommodating to skid loaders and narrow equipment/machines with smaller tires such as lawnmowers, sod cutters, curb machines, sweepers, etc.


For more information on the Side Dump Landscape Trailer by Felling Trailers, please call us at 888-335-5464 or contact us here.


  1. I really like that there are several different options of trailers that you can get to transport what you need. That is cool that you can get a dump side trailer if you are landscaper for hauling grass. The convenience of trailers, I would say is worth it in helping you transport and unload your materials very simply.

  2. I think the biggest benefit of this side dump trailer is that you don’t have to worry about moving the lawn equipment before dumping. I am struggling to see how the trailer allowed Jake to dump less often. Is the trailer bigger than regular back dumping trailers?

    • Felling Trailers says

      Thank you James for the question, the trailer Jake used before the Felling Side Dump did not have the dump box feature. The trailer he used prior to this one, he had to lace down a tarp and pile clippings on top of that.

      Felling Trailers

  3. David Antle says

    Can you email me with the specs of jake’s trailer and the price of what it would cost now as a gooseneck?

    • Felling Trailers says

      Good morning David,

      I have submitted your request for trailer specifications to our Sales Team. One of our Sales Reps will be getting this information to you shortly.
      Thank you for your interest.

      Felling Trailers, Inc.

  4. can you email me the details of jakes trailer exact the same thanks

  5. I can definitely see how differing trailers can be beneficial depending on the need. I have been looking into the side dump trailers and really do think it is a good investment for landscaping. Much easier and more time efficient! Thanks for sharing.

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