The Felling Deck-Over Line is built for the guys who work hard. A wide variety of options are available to give you the versatility to haul almost anything. We know you work yourself and your equipment hard, so we engineered a line to match your determination! The quality and durability are what sells our trailers. Acclaimed as the strongest trailer on the market, Felling Deck Over Trailers are ready for the haul. Available in 6,180 to 60,000 pound load capacities!

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 9,980 lb.
 FT-12-2 16,900 lb.
 FT-14-2 19,200 lb.
 FT-16-2 21,400 lb.
 23,800 lb.
 23,800 lb.
 FT-20-2 25,900 lb.
 FT-20-2 LP 25,900 lb.
 30,600 lb.
 FT-24-2 LP 30,600 lb.
 FT-30-2 38,200 lb.
 25,900 lb.

 30,100 lb.
 FT-30-3 37,600 lb.
 FT-30-2 LP
 38,200 lb.
 FT-36-3 43,800 lb.
 FT-45-3 54,900 lb.
 45,520 lb.
 FT-40-2 LP 45,520 lb.
 FT-50-3 60,900 lb.
 FT-50-3 LP 60,900 lb.
 FT-60-3 LP
 71,400 lb.
 FT-60-4 LP
 71,400 lb.

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