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5 Common Trailer Tire Questions

Felling Trailers’ Parts & Service team field many questions on parts and trailer repairs each day, the most popular by far is about trailer tires. Here are the five most common trailer tire questions and the answers from our Trailer Tires Parts & Service experts.

How long do trailer tires last?

Trailer tires can last 3-4 years or 10,000-12,000 miles. The tire life may vary depending on the tire’s quality, the type of roads and terrain it travels on, and the load weight that is being carried.

Can you put regular car tires on a trailer? Why?

No, regular car tires cannot be put in a trailer. This can be dangerous. Tire tread on car tires is different than the tread designed for trailers, which can cause irregular wear on the tire and will blow. Load ratings are also carefully chosen for car or truck tires and completely differ from trailer tires.

What is a “load range” on a trailer tire?

Load Range Tire - Felling Trailers - Common Trailer Tire QuestionsThe load range is the load capacity of the trailer tire. A tire’s load range is located on the sidewall of the tire. The load range is rated with a single letter, such as B, C, D, etc. If you have two tires of the same size but one with a load range of B and D, the D range tire will have a higher weight capacity. Keep in mind that going to a higher capacity tire does not increase the capacity of the trailer.

For help determining your potential load ranges based on the tire size, take a look at our chart below.

Tire Size, Load Rating, and Range Chart - Felling Trailers - Common Trailer Tires Questions

What is the difference between a passenger tire (P) vs. a trailer tire (ST)?

ST stands for “special trailer tire.” P or LT stands for “passenger” or “light truck” tire. Because of an ST tire’s heavier design, it is designated to carry more load than a P or LT tire. Tread patterns between the two are also specific to their applications. STs have an equal volume of air space. LT tires are sometimes used on larger trailers due to their stiff sidewalls. As a rule of thumb though you want to stick with ST trailer tires for your trailer. That’s what they are made for.

Do you need to balance your trailer tires?

No, balancing your trailer tires is not necessary; trailer tires are meant to support a load. You are more likely to feel an imbalance in your vehicle than a trailer. Trailer tires are designed to support the load that is carrying, not providing a smooth ride.

How do you prevent dry rot on trailer tires?

Dry rot happens when the tires sit in the sun over a long period of time. Covering your tires should prevent major dry rot issues. UV exposure and oxygen are the two major degradation factors for tires.

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