Felling Trailers Inc. Trailer for a Cause

11th Annual Trailer for a Cause

Online Auction Closes with Winning Bid of $5,505

Felling Trailers, Inc. conducted its eleventh annual online auction of an FT-3 drop deck utility trailer to benefit a non-profit organization: Pockets of Hope. A winning bid of $5,505.00 won the auction that ended at noon on Sept. 15th. The bid winner was Joe Kostreba of Sauk Centre, MN. One hundred percent of the $5,505 went to benefit Pockets of Hope!

“Thanks for an amazing trailer for a cause! We just got this message today from a social worker. The money you raised gives us the opportunity to keep giving out these backpacks!” said Lisa. The message read, “I met with a few children at the Child Advocacy Center earlier this week. They have been experiencing chronic homelessness and allegations of physical abuse. When the children saw the bags, their eyes got big, and they had the biggest smiles. They were so excited as they took items out of the bag, one at a time. Each item they took out, the more excited their voices became. When one of the boys took out the bag of shampoos and soaps, he held it up high and exclaimed, “Now I have my own stuff; that’s all mine!” Another child ran to me with a blanket and pressed it against my face, saying, “Feel this; it’s so soft. I’m going to sleep on it tonight.” The children shared, “This is better than Christmas.” Thank you for Pockets of Hope. The bags genuinely make a difference for so many children in our community.”

— Pockets of Hope

Pockets of Hope is a nonprofit organization that gives children entering foster care backpacks filled with items they need and items they can call their own, providing a light of hope for the future. “Many times, children are placed in foster care quickly. The backpacks provide the children with something to start with, to hold onto, until the foster family can go and purchase other needed items,” said Jen Bruzek, co-founder of Pockets of Hope. Each backpack holds an average of twenty items that vary depending on a child’s age and gender. Pockets of Hope provides backpacks for children from birth to 21 years old, including items such as shampoo, toothpaste, pajamas, socks, a blanket, a toy, or a notebook to provide for their basic needs and, hopefully, some emotional comfort. Read More

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