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A Custom Stripped Down Trailer Fits Rig Company's Need

custom stripped down trailer, Felling Trailers HX ModelRed Hawk Well Servicing is a privately owned and operated well servicing company in south east Saskatchewan oilpatch. They have a fleet of rigs to support the needs of their customers including a modified FT-80-3-HX (High Flat) Trailer recently ordered from Felling Trailers. It is a custom stripped down trailer used to build Red Hawk’s own specialized equipment in the oil patch. They use 53-foot triple axle trailers from Felling Trailers to permanently mount this equipment on.

Felling Builds a Custom Stripped Down Trailer When No One Else Does

custom stripped down trailer, Felling Trailers HX modelEdgar Hall is the Maintenance Coordinator at Red Hawk Well Servicing and has worked with Felling Trailers since 2012 when they first purchased a custom trailer. At that time, Felling Trailers was able to build a custom stripped down trailer, when no other manufacturer would do it. Red Hawk works through Sterling Truck & Trailer, an authorized Felling Trailers Dealer, to build the trailers to Red Hawk’s specifications. Edgar’s brother, Keefe Hall, is a Salesman for Sterling Truck and Trailer and has been instrumental in helping him find the right trailer solutions for Red Hawk’s needs over the years. 

custom stripped down trailer for drill servicing company Felling HX ModelBefore working with Felling Trailers, Red Hawk experienced some trial and error buying used trailers from another manufacturer. Edgar eventually realized that buying used trailers cost them more in the end. He pointed out, “We were buying used Tridem trailers and completely gutting them of all lights, wiring, flooring. We would sandblast the trailers so we could start welding our equipment on them. We spent a lot of time preparing them. They usually needed a brake job and tires. But in the end, we still had a used trailer!”

Edgar knew that there had to be a better solution for their custom needs. He turned to his brother, a Salesman at Sterling Truck and Trailer for help, “I asked Keefe if we could buy a new trailer completely stripped with no paint, flooring, and wiring. No Canadian companies would supply us with a gutted trailer. He talked to Felling Trailers in Minnesota and they built one for us. We had a few bugs when we got our first trailer but Gary from Felling addressed the issues immediately and changes were made. We have since bought three more custom trailers from Felling and they are 100% to our specifications.”

“We have bought three more custom trailers from Felling and they are 100% to our specifications.”

The trailers that Red Hawk Well Servicing has purchased from Felling Trailers have been the perfect solution to their unique and demanding needs. Edgar pointed out, “We presently have six Felling trailers now, including four custom built, one 53” high boy, and a drop deck with ramps and a winch. All of our Felling trailers have been trouble-free.”

“All of our Felling trailers have been trouble-free.”

Sterling Truck and Trailers, Felling Trailers dealerEdgar and the team at Red Hawk Well Servicing have definitely experienced the time and money savings of buying a new trailer versus trying to refurbish a used trailer. The trailers are shipped from Felling without decking and unpainted. The structured frame of the trailer is mounted with Red Hawk’s system and then finished from there. Edgar admitted, “Since now we are starting with a new trailer, we no longer waste time refurbishing an old trailer. We have new brakes, ABS, and tires. We also save on the labor and parts and put that towards a new trailer.”

Red Hawk Well Servicing and Sterling Truck & Trailer have been long-time customers of Felling Trailers and we are honored to be able to continue to provide them with trailer solutions. Contact Felling Trailers if you have a trailer challenge that requires some custom modifications by calling 1-888-335-5464.

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