HX High Flat Models

Felling’s HX-High Flat trailers are an open/flat style trailer that can be utilized to transport a variety of cargo.

You may have heard this style trailer referred to as a flat, float, or high boy. These units are a good fit when transporting steel, pre-cast concrete, building materials, lumber and more.

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HX – High Flat Trailer Model Specifications

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Some models may be shown with optional features.

HX High Flat FT-70-2-HX-1040




FT-70-2 HX


HX High Flat FT-80-2-HX-1040




FT-80-2 HX


HX High Flat FT-80-3-HX-1040




FT-80-3 HX


High Flat FT-100-3-HX-1040

HX High Flat




FT-100-3 HX

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HX Featured Unit – FT-80-3 HX

HX Operational – Optional Slide Suspension


HX Operational – Optional Extendable

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