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Deck-Over Tag Trailers with Safety-Focused Options

At Felling Trailers, we are always looking for ways to make our equipment safer and easier to use.  The Electric/Hydraulic Beavertail is one of many safety-focused options offered on Felling Trailer’s Deck-Over Tag Trailer line.

Safe Operation of the Electric/Hydraulic Beavertail

Felling Trailers FT-24-2 Deck-Over Tag trailer and electric/hydraulic beavertail 82661LAEPush-button operation significantly reduces the potential for back and leg injuries. The operator simply raises the tail to release the Hydraulic Tail Safety Support Lock, then lowers the beavertail to the ground and load or unload equipment with ease. Once the equipment is loaded or unloaded, raise the electric/hydraulic beavertail until the hydraulic cylinders are fully extended. Next, engage the Hydraulic Tail Safety Support Lock, and continue to lower the beavertail until back to transport position. Secure your equipment and you are ready to go!

Felling FT-24-2 Deck-Over Tag Trailer 

Felling FT-24-2 Deck-Over Tag trailer with electric/hydraulic beavertail 82661LAEThe trailer shown in the photo and video is a Felling FT-24-2 Deck-Over Tag trailer with the optional 2-5/16″ Gooseneck Coupler. The Electric/Hydraulic Beavertail is 10′ inches in length and provides an ideal load angle. Other options featured in the pictured trailer include:

      • Rub rail & stake pockets with double pipe spools
      • 140,000 lb Twin 2-speed jacks (standard with gooseneck coupler option)
      • Spare tire mounted on top of gooseneck
      • 12,000 lb Electric winch

For more information about any of our Deck-Over Tag Trailers, Electric/Hydraulic Beavertail, or other products available from Felling Trailers, please contact us here or call us 1.800.245.2809. We look forward to hearing from you!

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