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Felling Trailers, Inc. Names the 2024 Trailer for a Cause Beneficiary

Trailer for A CauseFelling Trailers, Inc. names Backing the Blue Line as the beneficiary of the twelfth annual 2024 Trailer for a Cause auction. Felling Trailers has hosted an online auction of an FT-3 Utility trailer for over a decade, donating 100% of the winning bid to the selected nonprofit organization. Felling Trailers’ goal is to bring awareness to various nonprofits that are making a difference and choosing a new beneficiary each year. Previous Trailer for a Cause auctions have raised over $44,000 for nonprofit organizations such as ACT on ALZ-Alzheimer’s, Lymphoma Research Foundation, Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation, Eagle’s Healing Nest, and Pockets of Hope to name a few.

The 2024 Trailer for a Cause auction beneficiary, Backing the Blue Line,  was selected by the Felling Trailers’ employees. “For several years, we put the decision of selecting the benefitting organization in the hands of our team members in the form of a vote. A list of organizations and corresponding information is given to team members to select from,” said Brenda Jennissen, President/CEO of Felling Trailers.

“We respect and appreciate our local and state law enforcement officers and recognize what they lay on the line each day they put on their uniform and leave home for their shift to protect our communities. We’re thankful to live and work in communities that are protected by these professional men and women who choose to wear the badge. ‘Blessed are the Peacemakers; for they will be called Children of God.’ – Matthew 5:9.”

— Brenda Jennissen, President/CEO of Felling Trailers

Backing the Blue Line (BtBL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the law enforcement community in Minnesota. BtBL unites the power of members and the generosity of donors to honor and support Minnesota law enforcement officers and families; they mobilize to provide services, labor, and assistance during times of illness, injury or tragedy, as well as join in celebrating life milestones. BtBL supports the Minnesota law enforcement community by providing resources and emotional support to law enforcement officers and their families and serving as a positive voice in the community. Together, they are backing those who represent the thin blue line.

An early Fall 2024 auction is being planned for Trailer for a Cause. Leading up to the auction, Felling Trailers will work with Backing the Blue Line to generate awareness about the work they do for the officers and families they serve with the programs and support services they offer. Backing the Blue Line is a 100% volunteer-run organization. Their donations directly support their vision to expand their reach to all Minnesota counties by increasing their supporters, volunteers, and means to assist. They want their interactions to drive a high standard for how law enforcement officers and their families are treated during times of crisis and need, offering family support services through programs like Christmas in June, Injured Officer Support, Not so Blue Christmas, and Fallen Officer Memorial Roses.

About Backing the Blue Line: Police Wives of Minnesota

Backing the Blue Line LogoBacking the Blue Line is a locally founded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Minnesota dedicated to supporting law enforcement officers and their families. It supports the Minnesota law enforcement community by providing resources and support to law enforcement officers and their families and serving as a positive voice in the community.

Additionally, the group offers a forum for law enforcement wives* to find and provide hope and support for each other through friendships, networking, discussion, and service as they navigate a unique lifestyle. Jennifer Whiteford, the founder of the group, recognized a need for wives to be able to share their experiences with each other. Current committees include: Community Engagement, Fallen Officer Memorial Rose, Family Support, Marketing, Membership, Social Events, and Wellness.

*Women in a long-term committed relationship with a Minnesota law enforcement officer.

For additional information about the Backing the Blue Line, visit

About Felling Trailers, Inc.

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