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Felling’s “First Trailer” was Built circa 1958

In the late 1950’s Merle, founder of Felling Trailers, Inc., at the age of 10 was already building trailers for use on the family farm. The “first Felling trailer” was a rock wagon (circa 1958) that was built out of materials from an old Minnesota hay loader along with the axle and wheels from an old horse drawn hay mower. At that time, a welder wasn’t available so the first trailer was put together with bolts and holes drilled by hand. Learn more about Felling Trailers’ deep history and family of products. 

Restoring the First Felling Trailer for 30th Anniversary

In 2004 when Felling Trailers, Inc., celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary, the staff surprised Merle with the restored trailer. The trailer had been stored in a shed on the Felling Family Farm and was in need of repair, new paint, and wood sides. The Felling team dismantled the trailer and prepared it for a fresh paint job, green and yellow and new wood side panels. In commemoration of the company’s 30 years in business, Felling Trailers was hosting a 30th Anniversary Open House. It was at the Open House that the employees presented the refinished trailer to Merle. The trailer was then placed on display on the front lawn of the Felling Trailers’ office building for all of those who came to celebrate the company’s anniversary could see. Throughout the years the first trailer has been used as part of Felling Trailers’ Company events such as manufacturing tours, food drives for the local community, and more.

Preserving our Trailer History in the New Office

As time has moved forward, so has the company, continuing to grow with expansions to the shop production area, a second production plant in Litchfield, and now a new office is in the works. In the planning for the new offices, it was decided that the first Trailer would be a showpiece for the company, being suspended from a beam above the new buildings main staircase. To prepare the trailer for its new home, it was decided to refinish it one more time. The trailer was slated to be painted a custom flat red and grey paint , with whom better to paint it that than Felling’s CEO Brenda Felling Jennissen, Pat Jennissen VP of Sales/Marketing, and Paul Radjenovich VP of Operations. PPG assisted with the paint prep and provided instruction on how to apply the paint. In about an hour’s time, the trailer had been painted and started the curing process. Once the paint had cured, the trailer was assembled and measurements were taken to drill the need holes for the maple side panels to be secured in place. This past week, the building’ construction crew raised the trailer into place, suspending it from a beam that rests below the staircase skylight in the new Felling office building.


Felling Trailers’ First Trailer Slideshow


Whether it is the first trailer we build, the 100th, or 100,000th, we put the same care and quality into each and every one.  Find out more about the Felling Trailers company and their full line of trailer products.

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