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Felling Trailers Offers Manufacturing Facility Tours

Felling Trailers Offers Manufacturing Facility ToursFelling Trailers offers manufacturing facility tours for students, non-profit organizations, and other local groups. The tours detail our entire trailer building process from start to finish. Our visitors get to see the machines (laser, saw, brake press, etc.) in action that help build the parts for our trailers. The tour includes stops into the Engineering Department and the front office to show there is more to manufacturing than just welding. We also walk through the different production areas where our team members weld our trailers, paint the trailers, and put the finishing touches on. The Finishing Department is where the trailers are completed before the final Quality Control check, and then the trailer is off to shipping. When time and schedule allow, we also like to showcase the Felling Weld Training Facility to show that we provide training on site.  Click here for a video tour of Felling Trailer and more detail about our manufacturing departments and Manufacturing Facility Tours.

Alexandria Tech College – Manufacturing/Transportation Tour Days

Felling Trailers Offers Manufacturing Facility ToursAlexandria Technical College contacts us every year to be a part in the Manufacturing/ Transportation Tour Days.  ATCC started the Manufacturing/Transportation Tour Days in 1997 for high school students to expose them to careers in manufacturing, mechanics, and construction. They invited Industrial Art and Ag High School teachers throughout Minnesota to bring any age of students they feel would benefit from this event. The intent is to help students understand the potential jobs for after college.  By sending them on an industry tour it helps them understand the end result and then by touring these programs on our campus on what is needed to get these jobs. 

Felling Trailers Promoting Careers in Manufacturing

Felling Trailers Offers Manufacturing Facility ToursFelling Trailers, Inc. works with local schools to help get the word out to students of the job’s that manufacturing has to offer.  We invite the schools to bring groups of students in to ask questions about manufacturing to help them get an understanding of what they could look for in their future and help them with their career.  This helps in getting students involved in manufacturing where they can work part-time while in high school and college and gain experience. 

Felling Trailers – Questions We Hear on Tours

During our tour of the Felling Trailer facility, we get asked a few of the same questions:

Alexandria Tech College - Manufacturing/Transportation Tour DaysWhen did Felling Trailers, Inc. originate?
Felling Trailers, Inc. History started in a small welding shop in downtown Sauk Centre, MN in 1954 (then known as Sauk Centre Welding & Machine Works, Inc.). In 1974, a young employee (now Chairman of the Board Merle J. Felling) purchased the business from the original longtime owner. Read more about our history.

What shifts does Felling offer?
Alexandria Tech College - Manufacturing/Transportation Tour DaysFelling Trailers has a first shift, second shift, and weekend shift. Read more here.

What type of training does Felling offer employees?
In 2016, Felling Trailers opened it’s own Weld Training Center. We offer other training as well. Read more here.

Does Felling offer welding classes?
Yes, we love to inspire the next generation of welders through classes, camps, and training. Read more here.

What does Felling look for in their employees?
You’ll find that the Felling organization rewards hard work and innovation. All of us at Felling enjoy working with individuals who are committed to providing quality customer service and superior products. Learn more about Felling Careers.

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