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Get to Know Larson Cable Trailers – The Faces, The People

Larson Cable Trailers is a cable trailer manufacturer that specializes in fiber-optic cable handling trailer products. They provide cable trailer solutions for the power and fiber optic industries, serving public/private contractors, rural telephone /electric co-ops, and city municipalities. LCT offers three core cable trailer models, each built to the user’s specifications. These cable trailers offer users specialized features like a fiber blowing attachment, figure 8 assembly, level winding device, and more.

Larson Cable Trailers’ manufacturing facility is located in Huron, SD, with a population of just over 14,000 people. Huron is a little over four hours southwest of Sauk Centre and two hours northwest of Sioux Falls, SD. The Larson Cable Trailers team consists of 13 team members, including sales, management, and production. The facility provides about 15,000 sq ft. of manufacturing space and can produce an average of 180 trailers per year.

Larson Cable Trailers, cable trailer manufacturer - Huron SD, Purchased by Felling Trailers

The People of Larson Cable Trailers

Rick Larson, Founder & Product Manager of Larson Cable Trailers

Rick Larson, Larson Trailers, cable trailer manufacturerBefore Larson Cable Trailers came to be, Rick worked as part of the family business, Larson Digging, Inc. The company initially specialized in laying wire cables and sewer lines; over time, they transitioned more into laying fiber optic cable for communications and putting power lines underground. Rick created the Larson Cable Trailer products out of necessity, “I wanted a trailer that could not only lift cable reels but also “figure 8″ and rewind cable. When I couldn’t find a trailer that suited my needs, I built one. I applied my years of experience in burying cable to develop a solution that would work in the real world. Larson Cable Trailers are more than just a cable trailer. They are designed for improved efficiency to help you lay more cable in less time!” Now, as the Product Manager, Rick can focus on what he does best – demonstrating side-by-side with fiber installation crews why Larson Cable Trailers are the best in the industry.

Jeff Swartz, Sales Manager at Larson Cable Trailers

Jeff Swartz, Larson Cable Trailers, cable trailer manufacturerJeff joined Larson Cable Trailers in 2007 as the company’s sales manager. He brought with him over a decade of sales experience, which he used to transform Larson Cable Trailers’ sales distribution network to what it is today. “I’ve helped transition the company from selling direct to small “mom and pop” style construction companies, to selling through a dealer network, with multiple distribution locations across the country and abroad,” said Jeff. As the company has grown, his primary role remains sales and managing dealer relationships but has also expanded to include LCT’s website, product logistics, along with product promotion through trade shows and onsite demonstrations.

Aaron Schmidt, Plant Manager at Larson Cable Trailers

Aaron Schmidt, Larson Trailers, Felling TrailersA new face to both Felling Trailers and Larson Cable Trailers, Aaron Schmidt, is managing the integration and implementation of processes of the newly acquired Larson Cable Trailers, Inc. production facility. Aaron comes to the company with over 30-years of experience in manufacturing with a strong emphasis in engineering, project management, and process operations. Before joining Felling Trailers, Aaron managed and facilitated new product design at Broadway Welding/GS Trailers. While there, he worked to expand and create new products for the drop-down trailer line, significantly growing the company’s business for the lowering trailer industry. Aaron has worked across many markets through his years in manufacturing, from automotive, agricultural, engineering, and information systems to transport trailers. When asked why he chose Felling Trailers, he said, “The reason I chose Felling was the reputation that they have established in the trailer industry. Being able to work for such a top-notch company is an honor.”

Huron, SD Manufacturing Facts:

  • Aerial Map of Huron SDManufacturing is 20% of Huron’s workforce.
  • Manufacturing is #2 of the top 11 major industries in Huron.
  • Thirty-four businesses in Huron are classified as manufacturers.
  • Huron manufacturer’s employ more than 1,700 people
  • Manufacturing is 10% of the state’s workforce, with 42,389 jobs.
  • Manufacturing’s average wage is $44,503.
  • Manufacturing’s annual payroll in South Dakota is $1.9 billion.

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To learn more about the Larson Cable Trailers and their fiber-optic cable handling products, we invite you to visit or give them a call at 888-304-8933. If you are interested in learning about Felling Trailers’ full line of commercial trailers, construction trailers, utility/telecom trailers, and other custom trailer options, reach out to us at 1.800.245.2809 or fill out this simple form.

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