Locked & Loaded Auto-Locking Reel Bar System

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Enhanced Operator/Transport Safety.

Operator safety, functionality, and ease of use are prime factors when any company is looking into equipment acquisition. These same factors are even more vital in the Utility & Telecom Industry as they serve, build, and maintain infrastructures for their state and local regions. The capabilities of the Felling Utility Reel models can assure operators of many years of reliable, time-saving, trouble-free service.

“R” Series features Auto-Locking Reel Bar System

Seen first at the Utility Expo 2021

The locking system provides enhanced safety features and ease of operation. The auto-locking reel bar system eliminates the use of pins and brackets; it now utilizes a locking plate system. Felling first gave the Utility/Telecom industry an exclusive look of this new locking system at the 2021 Utility Expo in Louisville, KY.

Payload capacities range from 1,740 lbs. to 13,520 lbs. All have the capability to load up to 120” diameter reels.

How It Works

The locking plates automatically open when lowering the reel to the ground for unloading as the reel is loaded and raised; the locking plates automatically close to contain the reel bar. When the reel is raised to the transport position, spring-loaded pins automatically lock the slides into place.


Visual Validation

When the pins lock, they provide visual validation that the reel is properly locked in for transport. A green marker on the spring-loaded pins is only visible when the reel bar is properly secured. These indicators can be viewed from the rear-view mirrors of the tow vehicle.

FT-8 R Auto-Locking Reel Bar System

Watch Video of Auto-Locking Reel Bar System In Operation

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