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Utility Cable Reel Trailers

FT-7R 229878NTU - FT-8 R GAL 229882NTU - Utility Cable Reel Trailers

Felling Has Been Serving the Utility/Telecom
Industry for Over 40 Years.

Felling’s Utility Cable Reel trailers are built to your specification with safety-minded features. Load capacities ranging from 1,740 lbs. to 13,520 lbs, a wide range of reel capacities, LED lighting, and sealed wiring harness are all standard. With options like the Self Loading Turret Reel that offers a 360-degree hydraulically operated rotating turret assembly, the turret can lock into any position when the directional control valve is released. Our Hydraulic Payout/Take-Up Rim Drive assembly will drive reels from 50” up to 120” dia. drive wheel engagement is accomplished with a hydraulic cylinder, various reel widths capable. Felling has your Utility Cable Real Trailer needs covered.

FT-8 R Galvanized - 229882NTU - Utility Cable Reel Trailers

Optional galvanizing shown
FT-3 R
FT-7 R


FT-8 RFT-10 R
SLR self-loading utility cable reel trailer
SLR Series

The Utility Cable Reel Trailers SLR series is a single reel self-loading reel trailer, available in 3 model variations ranging from 6,550 lb. to 13,600 lb. reel weight capacities.
FT-8 SLR Capacity 6,550 lbs.
Reel Capacity – 120” reel diameter x 60” wide
FT-14 SLR Capacity 11,835 lbs.
Reel Capacity – 120” reel diameter x 70” wide
• FT-16 SLR Capacity 13,600 lbs.
Reel Capacity – 120” reel diameter x 70” wide

FT-14-2-R - Utility Cable Reel Trailers



Optional power rewind rubber tire system (self-contained gas engine) and paint

FT-14 R Single Reel
Multiple Reel Trailers - Felling Trailers
FT14-2 Turret Reel - 108500MRR - Utility Cable Reel Trailers



Optional paint shown

FT-14-2 Turret Reel

GSA LogoNRECA LogoSourcewell Contract - 092922-FTS

Hydraulic Reel Operation

FT-8 Reel Operation


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Felling Trailers, Inc. is an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System, WBENC-Certified
WBE company, and an EOE Equal Opportunity Employer.

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