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Felling Trailers Awarded Minnesota Family Business Award from Twin Cities Business Magazine

Felling Trailers Inc. was one of five Minnesota companies who was recently honored by Twin Cities Business Magazine with a Minnesota Family Business Award.  Paul Radjenovich, Bonnie Radjenovich, Brenda Jennissen, Pat Jennissen, Merle Felling, and  Kathy Felling from Felling Trailers attended the Award Banquet and reception held by Twin Cities Business on November 30th in Minneapolis. Brenda Jennissen, CEO of Felling Trailers announced, “On behalf of Bonnie, Paul, Pat, Merle, Kathy, and myself, thank you to of all our employees for their pride in their work. We have an incredible team and it is because of their combined positive attitudes, dedication to quality, and innovative solutions every day that this honor was possible!”

Felling Trailers wins Twin Cities Business Monthly Family Business Award

Paul, Bonnie, Brenda, Pat, Kathy, and Merle attended the Twin Cities Business Awards Banquet.

Twin Cities Business featured Felling Trailers in their November 2017 issue.  You can read the article in its entirety here. Below are some of the highlights of the article and how the Felling legacy started with the first generation of owners, allowing the second generation to continue supporting their employees and community.

The Felling Trailers Story

Felling Trailers started as a welding and repair shop in 1974 by Merle and Kathy Felling, called Sauk Centre Welding. What started as occasional welding repairs to trailers, quickly turned into designing and making their own trails to sell. Today, Brenda Jennissen and Bonnie Radjenovich, the Felling’s daughters, together with their husbands, Patrick Jennissen and Paul Radjenovich, run what is now known as Felling Trailers. Felling Trailers and their 261 employees manufacture more than 5000 trailers each year. The trailers are designed to haul everything from lawn equipment to large excavators for construction. Merle and Kathy Felling retired in 2011 but are on Felling Trailers’ Board of Directors.

“People are always asking us, ‘How can you work with your spouse?’” says Brenda. “For Bonnie and me, we don’t know any different. Our parents have always worked side by side. They’ve really been a wonderful example to us in how you work together in home life and be a good partner and a good parent.”

Giving Back

Felling Trailers has always been great at giving back to the community, which is an initiative passed on from Merle and Kathy Felling to their daughters since they were kids. One tradition that started with Brenda and Bonnie’s parents and still continues today, is never charging a church for a job or repairs.  Felling Trailers also just completed their fifth Trailer for a Cause auction. Each year, they select a different charity to support. They auction off a trailer on eBay and all the proceeds from that trailer auction go to their chosen charity – this year they chose Special Olympics Minnesota.

“I have to tip my hat for that to Merle and Kathy,” Brenda says. “Since we were little, they were always challenging others to give and contribute in philanthropic ventures, both as a family and as a business.”

Training Young Welders

Another innovative approach to business that Felling has started is training the next generation of welders. Felling Trailers has offered internships to college students and community education classes for local high school students to spark interest and future careers in welding.

“Our legacy allows the community to benefit, along with our customers and employees and suppliers. It’s important to be good stewards.” – Brenda

Felling Trailers is honored to be chosen for the Minnesota Family Business Award and to be among other great Minnesota companies. Read the entire Twin Cities Business article here.

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