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TKI Saves Miles with Felling's PUP Trailer

TKI Saves Miles With Felling’s PUP Trailer

  TKI40PUP3 - Custom TrailerTom Kraemer, Inc. (TKI,) a Central Minnesota company specializing in waste disposal and recycling, chose Felling Trailers to design a PUP trailer with hydraulic dumping capabilities. The trailer would be capable of transporting small 12-yard (16 ft) refuse containers to large 20 & 30-yard (22 ft) containers. The PUP would also be capable of hydraulically tilting the 20 & 30-yard containers to dump the contents from the rear of the trailer. With other PUP trailers on the market, the user has to transfer the container on to the transport truck in order to dump the contents and then transfer it back to the trailer for transport.

“We can save miles and dumping time. Miles are the biggest advantage because you’re only doing the trip once.” stated Tim Kraemer.

Felling designed and manufactured the FT-40 PUP trailer, a “tricycle” steerTKI40PUP2 - Custom Trailer design trailer, (the entire front axle pivots under the frame). The Felling PUP was built with a telescopic scissor hoist, which consists of twin telescopic cylinders mounted within a scissors frame, giving maximum torsional strength to handle uneven loads when raising the container to dump refuse from the rear. The Felling PUP’s ability to dump helped TKI reduce transport time to the disposal facility and unloading time by an estimated 30 – 60 minutes. “We can save miles and dumping time. Miles are the biggest advantage because you’re only doing the trip once.” stated Tim Kraemer. Miles saved equals time saved, which has translated into more loads per day and increased revenue for the company.

The PUP trailer’s tongue is designed to be raised and lowered via an air bag and manually controlled by a pressure-regulating valve. This feature allows the operator to efTKI-40PUP - Custom Trailerfortlessly raise or lower the tongue to hook and unhook the PUP trailer. The special low mounted tongue can then be lowered to the ground, allowing the truck enough clearance to straddle over the top of the tongue when transferring the container to the trailer.

Another differentiating feature of the Felling PUP trailer is the Container Securing System, similar to the haul truck; it consists of a rear retainer that stops the container from sliding off when dumping refuse. The retainer is designed to be easily removed to allow empty containers to be unloaded on to the ground when needed, again saving time in lieu of transferring the container to and from the haul truck. The removable retainer also allows the containers to be transferred on to the trailer from the rear as well as the front of the trailer vs. a standard PUP that is typically only loaded from the front.

Felling Trailers welcomes opportunities to design and customize trailers to meet the individual needs of the consumer. For more information about Felling Trailers and their customization capabilities visit them on the web at  For more information on Tom Kraemer Inc. visit them online at

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