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The Team That Makes The Trailers

Ever wonder what it takes to manufacture trailers the level of quality and strength we design here at Felling Trailers? There is a lot more to it than you might think!

Here is a breakdown of the professionals who work together as a team to make our top-of-the-line trailers.


Welders are an integral part of manufacturing trailers. The precision and attention to detail needed for a strong, clean weld is impressive. Felling Trailers believes in advancing our welders whenever possible to ensure we employ only the best! We opened the Weld Training Center in 2016 to encourage high school students to learn to weld and offer a place for our welders to improve their skills.

Machine Operators

The machine operators at Felling Trailers are responsible for fabricating metal parts used on our trailers. They are trained on a variety of machinery and make the blueprints of a job come to life.



Our custom trailers are a testament to the talented mechanical engineers we have working for Felling Trailers. Engineers design and develop innovative mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components and sub-systems for commercial trailers. They are the brains behind what we do!


Painters operate our spray guns to coat our trailers with the customer’s desired color. When painting custom trailer orders, they get the opportunity to be creative. We believe in their quality so much we offer a 3-year paint warranty on all Felling Trailers.

Material Handlers

These employees operate our forklifts to bring building materials from storage up to the production floor for the assemblers to work on. Their role makes our process more efficient and safe!



Assemblers are responsible for the final assembly of the trailer on the production floor. They adhere to high-quality standards and meet deadlines to make our team deliver your trailer exactly when and how you want it.

The whole production line of trailer manufacturing is impressive! Without one of these positions, our trailers would not be the top-of-the-line products you know and love.

If you have ever considered one of these positions for yourself, we are hiring! Be a part of a team that makes a product you can be proud of and apply here.


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