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Hydraulic Tilt Trailers

Hydraulic Tilt Trailers (Gravity Tilt)

Felling’s Deck-Over Hydraulic Tilt Trailers are engineered to provide ease in loading and unloading your equipment. This model line is built for the most rugged equipment, simply drive your unit on the trailer and go. The Hydraulic Tilt trailer operates via a self-actuating hydraulic cushion cylinder that lifts and tilts the trailer bed. Tandem and triple axle models are available depending on your load capacity needs. 

• Available in full tilt bed or tilt bed with stationary platform designs

Hydraulic Tilt Trailers Full-Length Tilt Deck

Some models may be shown with optional features. (Click Below to view model specifications)                           


hydraulic tilt trailer FT-14-2 T Opt. paint





FT-14-2 T    FT-16-2 T    

*Available with Gooseneck Coupler Hitch – more info

Hydraulic Tilt Trailers with Stationary Deck


118331LAE FT40-2 T - Felling Trailers






FT-40-2 T Optional galvanizing shown

FT-20-2 T     FT-24-2 T

FT-30-2 T      FT-40-2 T FT-50-3 T 

• 4′ stationary deck standard on FT-20-2 T through FT40-2 T

• 6′ stationary deck standard on FT-50-3 T

• Other stationary deck lengths available

Sourcewell Contract - Felling Trailershydraulic deckover tilt




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Paint Color Selection Chart Hot Dip Galvanizing

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