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Galvanizing - Hot Dip

“The Ultimate In

Corrosion / Rust Protection”


  • hot dip galvanizingComplete coverage and coating integrity inside tubular
    sections and hard-to-reach places.
  • Galvanizing provides durability without maintenance.
    Industrial use > 65 years
    Tropical Marine use > 70 years
    Temperate Marine use > 70 years
    Suburban use > 85 yearshot dip galvanizing
    Rural use > 120 years
  • Galvanizing thickness is 5 – 6 mils.
  • Type of Corrosion protection – Cathodic & Barrier
  • Bond strength to steel – approx. 3600 psi.
  • Abrasion resistance/hardness of coatings
    Gamma (250 DPN)hot dip galvanizing
    Delta (244 DPN)
    Zelta (179 DPN)
    Eta (70 DPN)
Capabilitieshot dip galvanizing
  • Kettle is capable of
    Galvanizing pieces 52’ long x 6’ 9” wide x 9′ deep, such as a 48’
    semi trailer.

Watch the Galvanizing Process  – FT-80-3 OTR


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