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Troubleshooting a 2-Speed Jack

Some common jack (landing gear) issues can be due to lack of knowledge on how to use a 2-speed jack. Here are some tips for troubleshooting a 2-speed jack, warranty information, and maintenance advice.

What to know when Operating a 2-Speed Jack

Scott Brown, Felling Trailers Warranty Coordinator, says it’s important to understand on a 2-speed jack that “high” range is used to lower the legs but users most likely will need to shift to “low” range if they are raising the trailer up empty and for sure loaded.  Scott explains, “It’s common for people to try and use high range to lift the trailer because the leg travels much faster in high than low. But then when they can turn the handle they figure that something is wrong with the jack when really they should be in low.”

troubleshooting 2 speed jack



Two Key Things Trailer Operators Need to Remember:

  1. Never load the trailer if it’s not hooked to a vehicle. The jack is not designed for the jarring movement (side to side or forward to back) created when loading and this can cause damage to the internal components of the jack).
  2. It’s very important to service the jack every year.  Please see below for jack maintenance tips, including lubrication and hardware inspection.


Lubrication should be performed at least every six months and more frequently in applications where the landing gear are exposed to excessive moisture, water spray, dust, or if they are not used for extended periods. Lubricate with the trailer securely coupled to a tow vehicle. Employ a lubricant compatible with the original type of grease used: typically used is a  Lithium  base EP2, low temperature grease.

Inspect Hardware

  • Tighten or replace mounting bolts as necessary.
  • Inspect the mounting bracket for cracks or other signs of damage.
  • Repair or replace any broken or damaged parts of the landing gear assembly or mounting structure.
  • Inspect the crank handle bolt and lock nut. Tighten or replace as necessary (the crank handle bolt must be loose enough to allow free engagement).
  • Cross shaft connection bolts and lock nuts should be secure, but allow side-to-side play in the cross shaft.
  • Check for proper crank shaft engagement in both high and low gear.
  • Landing gear with excessive play should be rebuilt or replaced.

troubleshooting 2 speed jackWhen should a customer contact the Jack manufacturer directly vs. Felling Trailers?

Felling Trailers offers a 1-year warranty on landing gear, so contact Felling Trailers at  888-335-5464 or contact us here if you are within the 1-year warranty. If it’s after the 1-year warranty, contact the jack manufacturer. Each jack manufacturer offers their own independent warranty:

  • Holland offers a 5-year warranty (some components) so after year 1 the warranty would be direct between the customer and Holland.
  • Bulldog offers a 2-year warranty, so again after year 1 the warranty would be direct between the customer and Bulldog.

Still have questions? Contact Felling Trailers at 1-888-335-5464 or fill out this simple contact form and we will get back to you.


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