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Felling Trailers Adds UN31 Tanks to Their Certifications

Felling Trailers, Inc., a national leader in industrial and commercial trailers, recently received certification for their UN31 Tank design. The UN31 tank is certified as a fuel tank, 607 usable gallons, intended use is for the mobile generator industry. The UN31 tanks were designed to be compatible with Felling’s DDG drop deck generator trailer line. The tank option is utilized in conjunction with an OEM’s Genset mounted to the trailer frame. The tank is certified to meet the safety standards of CAN/CGSB-43.146 for metal IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) for use with liquids in packing group III, such as diesel fuel.

UN31 Tanks Certification

UN31 Tank Certification - Felling TrailersThe certification consists of a six-stage testing process; stacking, leak proofness, hydraulic pressure, roll over, drop, and vibration test. Each stage of the testing process has specific parameters that must be followed and passing status achieved. Felling Trailers’ Engineering and R&D teams started the UN31 Tank project in the late fall of 2019. Working with testing constraints and Minnesota’s ever-changing weather and accompanying temperatures contributed to the overall project timeline, achieving certification in the first part of 2022.

Felling DDG Trailer with UN31 FUEL TANK 2

Felling Trailers fuel tank UN31


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