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Utility & Telecom Trailers for municipalities, cooperatives, contractors and more

For Felling Trailers, the phrase, utility and telecom trailers, covers many different types of trailers. The main four models are; utility cable reel, utility pole/ pole cargo, coil pipe, and directional (horizontal) drill trailers. These trailers are key assets to municipalities, electrical cooperatives, communications, and renewable energy contractors, to name a few, serving a similar yet different purpose for each.  As each of these entities provides specific service types, the same can be said for each trailer model. No matter the trailer, nor it’s application, each is manufactured for optimum operator safety, efficiency, and durability.

4 Types of Utility & Telecom Trailers

  1. Utility Cable Reel Trailers
  2. Utility Pole/ Pole Cargo Trailers
  3. Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) Trailers
  4. Coil Pipe Trailers

Utility & Telecom trailers are key assets to municipalities, electrical cooperatives, communications, and renewable energy contractors, and others.

Utility Cable Reel Trailers

Utility Cable Reel Trailer - Utility Telecom TrailerA utility cable reel trailer is a trailer-mounted with one or more reels of material such as underground conductor, capillary tubing, innerduct, and many other types of reel mounted material. The reel stand trailers are used for transporting these materials along with deploying/ retrieving materials. Felling’s self-loading reel trailers are the preferred specification for most contractors. With this specification, you won’t need a forklift or crane to load a reel. The trailer reel bar hydraulically lowers to pick up a reel and then raises it to a locked position to be transported. The hydraulic supply can be provided by hand pumps, 12 volt hydraulic, or gas-driven hydraulics. These are available in several capacities ranging from 2,000 lbs to 14,000 lbs.

Reel Trailers with Hydraulic Power for Rewinding

Another popular utility & telecom trailer option is the powered payout/take-up assemblies for reel trailers used in fiber optic applications. They are driven by a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic source can be a truck with a hydraulic tool circuit or a self-contained hydraulic power pack mounted on the trailer. These are beneficial and can save time for any crew. They can be used to rewind the unused material onto the reel.

Reel Trailers Popular with Electrical Cooperatives & More

Investor-owned utilities, along with electrical cooperatives, utilizes multiple reel trailers. These units are sometimes staged on construction sites to be utilized by electrical contractors for the build’s duration. In other applications where space is in small supply, a turret reel trailer is an ideal match with a 360º rotating turret assembly. There is virtually no right-of-way or easement that will prohibit the operation.

Utility Pole Trailers

Utility Pole Cargo Trailer - Utility Telecom TrailersA utility pole trailer is a trailer with a fixed or telescopic extending tongue used to transport poles ranging in lengths 45’ to 75’. The poles are typically wood or composite poles utilized for power transmission/ distribution, telephone, and davit poles. Felling’s telescopic pole trailers are used by electrical and communications contractors to transport poles during storm repair and general maintenance pole replacements. These are available in several capacities ranging from 7,000 lbs to 36,000 lbs.

Pole Trailer Variation – Pole Cargo Model

A popular variation of Felling’s pole trailer is the pole cargo model. Equipped with a cargo bed, they can serve duty as an everyday material hauler providing cooperatives, utilities, and general contractors flexibility and functionality. When equipped with removable reel stand assemblies, they can serve as reel trailers. Pole cargo trailers are available with three tandem axle configurations – 7,000 lb / 8,000 lb / 10,000 lb. Two lengths: 20’ retracted/30’ extended /10’ bed and 24’ retracted / 40’ extended / 12’ bed. 

Horizontal Directional Drill Trailers

Horizontal Drill Series Trailer Felling - Utility Telecom Trailer from FellingA horizontal directional drill trailer is used to transport directional boring machines known as horizontal directional drills (HDD), used for horizontal underground drilling. HDD is a minimal impact trenchless method of installing underground utilities such as pipes, conduits, or cables. Felling offers two classes of HDD trailers; Drop Deck I Drill Series, deck between the wheels, models with 12K -27K capacities and Low Pro Drill Series, deck-over flatbed tag trailers with 30K-50K capacities.

Drop-Deck Drill and Deck-Over Drill Models
Drill Drop Deck Trailer - Utility Telecom Trailers from Felling

Felling’s horizontal directional drill trailers provide operators with the capacity they need and confidence to safely load their drill rig. Felling’s drop-deck drill models provide an ideal incline with a gradual slope eliminating the need for dunnage. The deck-over drill series provides the same with the double incline beavertail that reduces the top break over in half.

Coil Pipe Trailers

Utility Telecom Trailer - Coil Pipe Trailer FellingA coil pipe trailer is used to contain and dispense coiled materials such as; high-density polyethylene (HDPE), poly, plastic, and field tile. Used by municipalities, utilities along with gas and water contractors, it known by many names; gas pipe, line tamer, HDPE pipe, and poly trailer. These are available in several capacities ranging from 1,800 lbs to 6,000 lbs.

Designed for use in the gas and water sectors, Felling’s coiled pipe trailers are built with operator safety and functionality in mind. Constructed with (4) 48” high stanchions and (4) vertical roller pipe guides, coiled material is stabilized and contained for safe transport and deployment. The tilting turntable provides a safe, efficient, and controlled method of material deployment when open trench pipe laying or horizontal directional drilling procedures.

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Each of these utility and telecom trailers is designed with optimum operator safety, efficiency, and durability in mind. Felling Trailers is proud to serve the needs of the utility telecom industry with utility cable reel, utility pole/ pole cargo, coil pipe, and directional (horizontal) drill trailers. 

Interested in learning more about Felling’s Utility and Telecom Trailers and how they can benefit municipalities, electrical cooperatives, communications, and renewable energy contractors? Call 1.800.245.2809 or fill out this simple form.

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