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Directional Drill Trailers

Directional Drill Trailers In Action

Sometimes you just need to see it with your own eyes.
– loading a drill

Directional Drill Trailers Specifications

Some models may be shown with optional features.

Drop-Deck Directional Drill Models

FT-30-3 IDrill Series

ICUEE show

New FT-30-3 I-S Drill Series debuted at ICUEE 2019

FT-30-3 I-S DS
Directional Drill Trailers FT-20Iboringkit






FT-20 I w/Drill Kit & opt. re-rod storage kit    


Directional Drill Trailers FT-24IGal




FT-24 I w/opt. galvanizing, dual jacks & ramps

Rubber Torsion Suspension FT-20 I Drill Series    FT-24 I Drill Series

Spring Suspension FT-20 I-S Drill Series FT-24 I-S Drill Series


GSA LogoFelling Trailers Sourcewell Contract# 121918-FTSNRECA Logo




Deck-Over Directional Drill Models

Standard Features: 6′ Double Incline Beavertail, 6′ x 20″ Self Cleaning Angle Iron Spring Assist Ramps, Jack – 140K Twin 2-Speed and more

Directional Drill Trailers FT-30-2-LP-Air-Ramps




FT-30-2 LP with opt. air ramps & paint                                                      

TAG Models

FT-30-2 LP Drill Series FT-45-2 LP Drill Series FT-50-3 LP Drill Series

 Air Ramps Option Paint Selection Chart  Hot Dip Galvanizing Gooseneck Coupler Hitch Option FT-3 Mini

See an overview video of the Drill Package on a FT-24 I (below)

Featured Unit – FT-24 I Drill Package


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