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Need to Know Tips

Welding Facts

Top 10 Fun Welding Facts You May Not Know           1: Some of the earliest welding recorded dates back to the Bronze age where small gold circular boxes were discovered. They were made by … [Read more...]

How to Obtain a Replacement MSO or VIN for Your Felling Trailer

At Felling Trailers, we often get requests from a Dealer or Enduser for a duplicate or Replacement MSO or VIN (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin) so that a trailer can be licensed. We also get requests for a replacement VIN (Vehicle Identification … [Read more...]

Felling Sees Growth in Galvanizing

The Felling brand is known to be one of the strongest, longest-lasting trailers on the market. So for a growing number of Felling Trailers' customers, the finish needs to match the life of the trailer. A hot dip galvanized finish helps to extend the … [Read more...]

Felling Partners with SmartEquip

Felling Trailers Partners with SmartEquip Felling Trailers, Inc. has recently partnered with The SmartEquip Network to better serve their dealers and fleet owners’ parts and service needs. The new partnership will provide Felling the ability to … [Read more...]

What you Need to Know about Purchasing with NJPA

NJPA (National Joint Powers Alliance) is a public government agency that serves as a member-focused cooperative for over 50,000 member agencies nationally. Purchasing with NJPA is efficient because they offer a multitude of cooperatively contracted … [Read more...]

Results of Trailer Auction Benefiting the ABTA

FT-3 Trailer Auction Results Anyone who has taken part in an online auction knows that a lot can happen in the last few days, hours, minutes and even seconds. As the seven(7) day online auction of the Felling FT-3 utility trailer came to an end … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting a 2-Speed Jack

Some common jack (landing gear) issues can be due to lack of knowledge on how to use a 2-speed jack. Here are some tips for troubleshooting a 2-speed jack, warranty information, and maintenance advice. What to know when Operating a 2-Speed … [Read more...]

SL Series Gets You Super Low

Felling Trailers’ X-Force SL Series Gets You Super Low Felling Trailers, Inc.’s, X-Force Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck model line now offers a “Super Low” deck height with the X-Force SL Series. The X-Force SL Series provides an 18” usable level … [Read more...]

Why Choose an Air Tilt Trailer

Using an Air Tilt Trailer over a traditional hydraulic trailer has many benefits in ease of use and function. The design of Felling Trailers' Air Tilt Trailers also gives it the upper-hand. Find out below how Felling Trailers' Air Tilt Trailers work, … [Read more...]

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Summer months bring hot temperatures, not only outside but on the shop floor too. So, how much water should you drink? Drinking enough water is key to preventing heat stress and also to help fight fatigue, but how do you know how much water you … [Read more...]