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Felling logos

Need the Felling Trailers’ logo for promotional use?

Below is a selection of the Felling logo available for download. File format provided is jpg,
if another file format is needed please contact Rebecca.

Logo Usage Guidelines are listed below.






Felling Trailers – Stacked (Vertical)

Felling Trailers RedV



Felling Trailers BLK



Felling Trailers – Horizontal

Felling Trailers RedH


Felling Trailers H


Logo Usage Guidelines: Felling Trailers, Inc. grants to you, a Felling Trailers Dealer, a revocable non-exclusive, royalty-free right to utilize Felling Trailers’ images (logo, photographs, text, as well as any other trademarked and or copyrighted Felling Trailers images) for the express purpose of creating literature, promotional items and/or advertising (printed, electronic and/or telecommunication) to promote your company’s products as well as Felling Trailers. All purposed usage of these images must be submitted to Felling Trailers for approval prior to production.