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Felling Sees Growth in Galvanizing

The Felling brand is known to be one of the strongest, longest-lasting trailers on the HydDetachGooseneckXF-80-3 HDG Hot Dip Galvanized Finish Trailer 83550LAEmarket. So for a growing number of Felling Trailers’ customers, the finish needs to match the life of the trailer. A hot dip galvanized finish helps to extend the life of the trailer. Over the last seven years, the demand for trailers with the galvanized finish has increased significantly, we are now galvanizing approximately 1000 trailers every year.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Finish for Trailers

10T Gal-1 (1) Hot Dip galvanized trailer for rental industry 66744EDSHot dipped galvanizing continues to grow in the popularity for the corrosion and rust protection it provides. Hot dip galvanizing is ideal in areas such as coastal areas or salty roads that can lead to corrosion and can affect the life of a trailer. 

“Zinc corrodes 30 times slower than steel, so trailers that are galvanized with a zinc coating are more protected from rust and corrosion issues.”

Rental Industry Chooses Galvanizing for ROI

FT-70-2PL-HT.HydraulicTail (1) hot dip galvanized trailer 81712LAEA few of our larger rental customers order the majority of their trailers, 10,000 lb. GVWRs and lower, with the galvanized finish. The galvanizing extends the life of the trailer significantly, so much that there isn’t a question when it comes to the additional cost of galvanizing versus paint, it’s all about ROI.

Growing Trend of Galvanizing Large Trailers 

hot dip galvanized finish for large trailers FT-50-3 LP 83795JDMBut it’s not only the rental industry seeing the benefits of a galvanized finish on a trailer. Felling Trailers has seen a growing trend in galvanized finishes for their larger trailers too in the construction and heavy haul industries. In the first quarter of 2017, Felling galvanized a 35-ton capacity Hydraulic Tail semi-trailer, a 40-ton capacity Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck, a 25-ton Low Profile Tag trailer and the list goes on.

Galvanized Trailers Stand the Test of Time

No matter your industry, rental, construction, utility/telecom, or commercial hauling, a galvanized trailer just plainly lasts longer. Zinc corrodes 30 times slower than steel, so trailers that are galvanized with a zinc coating are more protected from rust and corrosion issues. Other reasons that trailer owners and operators hot dip galvanize their trailers include low initial and life-cycle costs, durability, availability, versatility, sustainability, and aesthetics.

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