Why Choose Hot Dip Galvanizing for your Trailer?

Felling Trailers has many different options available to customize your trailer to your unique needs. One popular option for corrosion and rust protection is hot dip galvanizing. Hot dip galvanizing is ideal in areas such as coastal areas or salty roads that can lead to corrosion and can affect the life of a trailer.

Which Trailers can be Galvanized?

We have had trailers as small as a utility trailer, to as large as a semi galvanized. In fact, Felling Trailer’s FT-80-3 OTR Trailer was the largest trailer galvanized at AZZ Galvanizing Services. In addition, a lot of rental, utility, and municipality companies that we work with only order their trailers with hot dip galvanizing due to the extended life it adds to the corrosive protection.

Hot dip galvanizing for trailer - Galvanized trailer

Why Galvanize your Trailer?

The most common reason trailer owners get their unit galvanized is to make the trailer last longer. Zinc corrodes 30 times slower than steel, so trailers that are galvanized with a zinc coating are more protected from rust and corrosion issues. Other reasons that trailer owners and operators hot-dip galvanize their trailers include low initial and life-cycle costs, durability, availability, versatility, sustainability, and aesthetics.

How the Galvanizing Process on a Semi Trailer Works

The Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG) Process

The Hot Dip Galvanizing Process has had many new technologies evolve it from where it started 150 years ago. It consists of three basic steps: surface preparation, galvanizing, and inspection. Surface prep (degreasing, pickling, and fluxing) is the most important step in any coating. The galvanizing step consists of immersing the steel in a minimum 98% pure zinc bath with a temperature of 815 F or higher. The final step of inspection ensures quality and meeting specific requirements. For more information on the hot dip galvanizing process, click here.

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Learn more: Felling Trailers – Hot Dip Galvanizing (PDF)

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