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Felling Trailers Air Technology

Felling’s Air Tilt trailers provide operators with the towability of a TAG trailer with the versatility of a tilt. The Air Technology utilizes air power from the tow vehicle to fill two air bags, which then raise the trailer smoothly; the air bag will then keep the deck in the tilted position to allow for loading/unloading of
multiple pieces of equipment.

SAFER – Operate with the flip of a switch, no lifting, no risk of back injuries.

AFFORDABLE – Due to the efficiencies of Felling’s Air Tilt design, Felling is able to offer the Air Tilt trailers at their lowest price every.

FASTER – Transport multiple pieces of equipment at one time, eliminating extra trips, extra miles, and extra time.

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Customer Testimonial

– FT-40-2 TA with Air Ramps.

T-40-2 TA with Air Ramps.“Most important to me is the safety of my employees.  This trailer equipped with the air ramps and tilt is effortless and eliminates risk of back injuries due to lifting heavy ramps and other gear to reduce the load angle necessary on most equipment trailers.”     – Jeff Boarman, Principal at Bortek Industries







Videos of Felling’s Air Tilt – Air Technology at Work

How It Works

Multiple Units – 1 Trip

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