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Felling Takes on Extreme Obstacle Course

Felling Trailers Employees Participate in MudMan 5K Extreme Obstacle Course

(SAUK CENTRE, MINNESOTA, August 19, 2013) –Thirty-one Felling Trailers employees accepted and participated in the Mudman challenge at Powder Ridge Ski Area in Kimball, MN on August 17th. The 2013 course consisted of roughly 15 obstacles that tested participants’ strength, endurance, and mental fortitude.

“(It was) exhilarating,” said Sheri Leonard,Human Resources and Safety Coordinator at Felling Trailers. When asked if she would do it again, she responded, “Definitely. It was work, but it was fun.”

Jim Welle, Material Handler at Felling Trailers said “It was crazy, and there was lots of mud. More mud than I ever could have expected.”

In addition to running or walking up and down the ski hills, some of the obstacles included the following:
1. Trenches (mud tunnels covered with plywood and more dirt)
2. Ghilliegans Island (a Surprise!)
3. Snake Pit (Pond crossing Mudman style!)
4. B-4 U Walk (Belly Crawl under barbed wire 18” off the ground)
5. Grease Monkey (Monkey bars over a mud pool)
6. Hell’s Bells (12- 55-gallon drums hung from trees & swinging only inches apart)
7. Cargo Climb (12’ high cargo net a frame)
8. Shrinkage (Ice, water, and gasping!)
9. Trip Wire (rope 18” off the ground the runners have to high step over)
10. The Shower (Goodbye contacts! High powered snow making machine!)
11. Hay This is Fun! (runners will climb over stacks of large round hay bales)
12. Mud Slide (60’ inflatable water slide with a huge mud pit at the bottom)

13. Cargo Nasty (More cargo net climbing)
14. Cliff Hanging (climb up and over 3 walls. Don’t look down!)
15. Stop-Drop- & Roll (leap over trenches of fire)


Pictured are some of the Felling Trailers participants before and after the MudMan 5K Extreme Obstacle Course.

PartialGroupAfter.jpg - Extreme ObstacleBeforeShot - Extreme Obstacle

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