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Paving the Way

Loading paving equipment has never been so easy.FT-40-2TA.103850NTU

FT-40-2 TA Air Tilt
with 6′ x 45″ air ramps

FT-50-3 LP with Bi-fold ramps


FT-50-3 LP with 11′ hyd./elec. full width bi-fold ramps

FT-50-3 TA Air Tilt with 7' air ramps





FT-50-3 TA Air Tilt with 7′ air ramps


Trailers designed with the Operator in mind.Hydraulic Ramp option FellingAir Ramp option

CAPACITY – 20,000 lb. to 50,000 lb. load capacities available in Deck-Over Tag Low Profile, Air Tilt models, and larger.

LOAD-ABILITY – Load with confidence and safety, Felling’s Air Tilt & Deck-Over models, provide an ideal incline with a gradual slope, eliminating clearance issues. The double incline beavertail design reduces the top break over in half, paired with air ramps or hydraulic bi-fold ramps loading is made easy.

EFFICIENCY & SAFETY – Work safer and faster when the Job Crew trusts their equipment and its capabilities. Save time and money when transporting paving equipment and know your crew can load/unload with stability and confidence.

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Load paving equipment with ease.


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