Trailer Inspection Checklist: Get Ready for Spring

There are many kinds of trailers out on the road, from the contractor transporting his equipment to the job site, to the commercial hauler delivering cargo, and the vacationer pulling their camper. No matter what kind of trailer is being pulled, if it has been parked or stored for more than a few weeks or longer, it is very important to check the trailer to ensure it is road ready.  Here is a Trailer Inspection Checklist, Trailer Maintenance Schedule, and Suggested Trailer Inspection Service Summary to help ensure your safety and the safety of others sharing the road.

Trailer Inspection Checklist

Inspecting the Trailer

  • The trailer should look square and straight.trailer inspection checklist - be ready for Spring road
  • All latches, hinges, and pins are snug and tight.
  • Make sure the tires have no cuts, bulges, worn treads or steel belts showing.
  • Inflate tires to the pounds of pressure listed on the tire.
  • Be sure brakes are working properly and adjusted for your loaded weight.
  • Make sure the ball is properly sized for your trailer.
  • Make sure the trailer sits level when hitched.
  • Hook the safety chains – can you cross them to eliminate any droop that might catch on something?
  • Plug in the electrical system and check running lights, brake lights and turn signals.

Every Time You Go Out

  • Check the hitch for cracks and the bolts for signs of wear.
  • Make sure to anchor any cargo firmly in place.
  • Make sure the ball is tight.
  • Check the electrical system, brakes, running lights, directionals, tire pressure, and chains.

Items to Have When Traveling

  • Insurance card
  • Registrations for both vehicle and trailer
  • Current inspection where needed

Items Useful to Have in the Trailer

  • Basic tool kit
  • Proper cables
  • Chocks for tires
  • Flares
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Towing chain

More Trailer Maintenance Resources

Trailer Maintenance Schedule (PDF)
Suggested Trailer Inspection Service Summary (PDF)

After completing your trailer inspection, see Felling Trailers’ Parts & Service Store for any or your replacement trailer parts needs.

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  1. I think inspecting the trailer can really help out a lot. You can find what you are missing and you also can make sure that you are going to be okay. I also think it is smart to make sure you have little details sorted out like what you are going to to about tires.

  2. We have just purchased a trailer, and I have never owned one before. I look forward to taking it out on the road, but I also want to know how to do proper maintenance. I appreciate the list for inspecting the trailer, I didn’t know to adjust the brakes to the loaded weight, that’s good to know!

  3. Inspecting your trailer before you go off-road is a great way to maintain and ensure your safety. These list has all you need to check. Also, do you have something on trailer maintenance, would love to read that if possible. Thank you, great job!

    • Felling Trailers, Inc. says

      Good morning Rick,

      Glad that you found our Trailer Inspection Checklist beneficial. We do have several other blog posts that are specific to trailer maintenance ranging from, tire maintenance, wheel bearings, wiring, and more. To view these and other blog posts that we have done, click on our “Blog” tab at the top of our webpage, or visit the following web address
      Kind Regards,
      Felling Trailers, Inc.

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