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Trailer Safety Week

National Trailer Safety Week

Making Roadways Safer One Trailer at a Time

Trailer Safety Week - Felling Trailers Inc.

Whether you’re a dealer or manufacturer, pointing end-users to the information on is an easy way to help improve our nation’s roadways. Many end-users have not had proper trailer towing education before operating/owning a trailer. Towing a trailer is no small responsibility and should be gone about with great care and with a safety-minded attitude. It’s imperative that dealers and manufacturers take advantage of their interactions with end-users to provide them with the basic tools of trailer safety. From driving tips to trailer maintenance and components, the Trailer Safety Week website provides end-users with need-to-know information regarding trailer safety in an easy to understand format.

Proper steps will help ensure your towing safely

• Proper hitching of the trailer is important to ensuring a safe and smooth towing experience.
• A properly loaded trailer is easier to control. Weight distribution, both front-to-back and side-to-side is vital as is cargo securement.
• It is important to understand the importance of adequate brakes, properly inflated and rated tires, crossed safety chains, and working lights in order to tow safely.
• Regular trailer maintenance is critical to ensuring the longevity of your trailer, as well as making sure you are able to tow to your destination safely.
• The driver is responsible for selecting the right tow vehicle and trailer for the load, hitching the unit, loading, steering, speed, and braking.

Below are a couple of videos that show proper safety checks and safe operation of trailers.

 National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) Trailer Safety Checklist

Ground-level loading which increases operator safety with the EZ-Tilt series.

Help to prevent back inquiries with Hydraulic Ramps.

Operational Instructions for the FT-16 IT-I drop deck tilt trailer.


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