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EZ-Tilt Ground Level Tilt Deck Trailer

Felling’s EZ-Tilt Technology
Offers Ground Level Loading

WATCH NOW  – Increased operator safety, ease of use, and time saved with an EZ-Tilt Ground Level Tilt Deck Trailer.

Felling Trailers, Inc. introduces the EZ-Tilt Technology with adding the EZ-Tilt Ground Level Tilt Deck Trailer model line to its expansive trailer offerings. It is a ground-level loading unit that makes the job of loading low clearance, cumbersome equipment like floor sweepers/scrubbers and scissor lifts a simplified task. Great for rental yards offering the versatility to load a variety of equipment quickly, safely, and get the customer on their way. FT-12 EZ Tilt ground level tilt deck trailer for ground loadingTop 50 Equipment Today - EZ-Tilt Felling Trailers



FT-5 EZ-T  FT-7 EZ-T FT-12 EZ-T

More videos below showing how the EZ-Tilt Ground Level Tilt Deck provides ground level loading with its EZ-Tilt Technology


View EZ-Tilt Ground Level Tilt Deck Trailer Brochure


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