Trailers Built with the Operator In Mind

Trailers that are built with the Operator in mind.

Operators work safer and faster when they trust their equipment and its capabilities. Felling’s Trailer Experts work with you to ensure that your trailer is right for the equipment you have to transport and the vehicle pulling it.See Felling Trailers’ Trailer Experts at the Utiltiy Expo in Booth K125.

I Drill Series – 12K-27K Capacities

• Drill Kit Ready

Felling Drill Series FT-24 I S DS with optional drill kit installed

Low Pro Drill Series – 30K-50K Capacities

• Beavertail – 6’ double incline/double break (reduces top
break-over point in half), self cleaning 5” x 3” angle iron

Felling Trailers FT-45-2 LP Drill series deck over tag trailer

Utility Expo 2023 Felling Trailers Booth K125 Larson Cable Trailers Booth K123

The Ultimate Tool for Power & Fiber Optic Industry Professionals

Larson Cable Trailers is a known leader in fiber-optic cable-handling trailer
products. Exhibiting in tandem at The Utility Expo, stop and see the
Larson Cable Installation Trailer demonstrationsin Booth K123.

Product demonstration schedule Larson Cable trailers Booth K123

Larson Cable Trailers model LCT-5620

Larson Cable Trailers model LCT-7500